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Arrived in good condition, look forward to seeing it grow. Thanks Dicksonia antarctica Fern in a 9cm Pot 10/06/2017
Having tried to contact the sellers get a delivery date I but am getting no reply. Cynara Cardunculus Plant in a 17cm pot. Cardoon 10/06/2017
Great plants, doing very well in my garden have put on massive of growth over the summer. Trachycarpus Wagnerianus Hardy Palm in a 23cm Pot. 10/04/2017
Delivery took more than a week, but plants arrived undamaged and well protected.Seller was helpful. Papaver orientale Allegro - Oriental Poppy, Plant 09/28/2017
Good service. Thank you. Albizia julibrissin f Rosea - Pink Silk Tree, Plan 09/23/2017
Excellent service. Wry pleased with healthy looking plant Loropetalum chinense Var. rubrum Fire Dance- Plant 09/19/2017
Arrived well packed Thalictrum delavayi Chinese meadow rue (Sent in 9c 09/15/2017
Why have I not be contacted to tell me when my order will be dispatched? No info given Akebia quinata Chocolate vine 09/13/2017
Didn't receive my plant and can't get my money back. Need I say more! Bush Fuchsia 'Dollar Princess' Plant in a 10cm pot 09/13/2017
excellent and quick Albizia julibrissin f Rosea - Pink Silk Tree, Plan 09/13/2017
Item received not as ordered. No reponse to request to have this sorted. Have opened PayPal claim Ceanothus 'Skylark' shrub in 19/20cm pot. Californ 09/12/2017
The plant was in excellent condition. Packaged really well. good delivery time too. highly reccomend Passiflora caerulea Purple Haze - Passion Flower, 09/09/2017
Perfect condition and packing, thriving plant. Very prompt delivery, thank you. Pittosporum tenuifolium Tom Thumb - New Zealand Pi 09/08/2017
Item still not received!!!!@ please can I get my refund Trachelospermum Asiaticum 'Majus' Asiatic Jasmine 09/06/2017
Arrived healthy, and has taken to re-potting well. Took 2 weeks to arrive but I was ok with that. Acca sellowiana Feijoa pineapple guava (Sent in a 08/31/2017
Looking forward to putting some heart and soul in my garden Dicentra spectabilis Bleeding heart (Sent in 9cm P 08/30/2017
Arrived in good condition with plenty of protection. Sage Tricolour Herb Plant in a 11cm Pot. 08/29/2017
The plant arrived damaged. I emailed them ton 13th Aug and had no reply. Salvia Microphylla 'Hot Lips' (Sent In 9cm Pot) 08/28/2017
Very good, response from them very good. Paulownia kawakamii - Dowery Tree, Empress Tree, P 08/27/2017
Came earlier than expected although can't rate the growth in the seeds yet .. very efficient Midnight Blue Rose Flower Seeds, Rare Garden Plant 08/26/2017
Did not receive as plant had died and got automatic refund off eBay Araucaria araucana - Monkey Puzzle Tree, Plant in 08/23/2017
Don't bother to ask the seller any questions about your order. lm still waiting for my question TBA 600 seeds - Empress Tree / Foxglove Tree - Paulown 08/23/2017
I have not received it yet way is it taking so long Hydrangea macrophylla Adria, Plant in 9cm Pot 08/22/2017
Delivered on time and was in very good condition Myrtus communis Myrtle (Sent in a 9cm Pot) 08/21/2017
Plant arrived well packaged and in reasonable time. It has now been planted outside, so far so good. Canna Tropicanna Black - Canna Lily, Plant in 9cm 08/20/2017
Item recieved in good condition. Still good water content and adequat packaging. Replanted next day. Myrtus communis Myrtle (Sent in a 9cm Pot) 08/19/2017
haven.t got my order yet.!!! sue Sedum telephium Purple Emperor - Stonecrop, Plant 08/12/2017
Been 2 weeks now, not received my plant. 3 queries but no reply. Poor service. Refund requested. Acca sellowiana Feijoa pineapple guava (Sent in a 08/11/2017
Plant ok, a little weak looking from its journey in post but survived ready to plant out. Ceanothus Italian Skies - California Lilac, Plant 08/09/2017
Grass came today nearly dead moss growing on it. Would like a refund. NOT VALUE FOR MONEY Hakonachloa macra All Gold-Japanese Forest Grass-H 08/09/2017
Quick delivery thanks. Blue Globe Thistle - 70 SEEDS - Echinops Ritro - P 08/08/2017
Never arrived 50x Rose Flower Seeds Garden Plant, Black, Blue, R 08/06/2017
No response for order after 3 days not sure the order was processed.. need to remove rapid from name Luma apiculata - Orange Bark Myrtle, Plant in 9cm 08/05/2017
Great customer service. Well packaged perfect item. Lavatera x clementii Barnsley - Mallow, Plant in 9 08/05/2017
Was surprised when a small plant arrived. Potted it up and it has gone on to grow quite beautifully Salvia x jamensis Bleu Armor - Autumn Sage - Plant 08/04/2017
I have not received what I ordered nearly eight weeks ago!!!!!! Ginkgo biloba Maidenhair tree (Sent in a 9cm Pot) 08/03/2017
My plant arrived in good condition and is now enjoying a pleasant spot in my garden Thank you Myrtus communis Myrtle (Sent in a 9cm Pot) 08/01/2017
Unfortunately the order was cancelled as they'don't run out Lavatera x clementii Barnsley - Mallow, Plant in 9 07/29/2017
Nice looking plant Buddleja davidii Black Knight - Buddleia Butterfly 07/28/2017
Didn't Receive Product awaiting Refund. Hebe Linda 07/28/2017
Absolutely rubbish, do not even consider ordering from them. Albizia julibrissin var. Summer Chocolate - Purple 07/28/2017
Well packaged and quality product. Ceanothus Italian Skies - California Lilac, Plant 07/22/2017
excellent delivered quick Rare Blue Rose Flower Seeds Garden Plant, 25% Disc 07/18/2017
It was easy to make an order and the steps were easy enough to follow Tomato Plants 'Alicante' x 3 in 9cm pots. 07/12/2017
Seller took the money, not only didn't send order but ignored my query until I escalated with paypal Vinca difformis - Periwinkle (Sent in a 9cm Pot) 07/06/2017
Easy, no fuss, professional Remembrance Rose 'At Peace' in a 3.5 litre Pot 07/04/2017
Bought for the wife. Good quality plant excellent delivery . She was very happy. Hoya carnosa 'Krimson Queen' Plant in a 8.5cm Pot 07/02/2017
A sturdy little plant . I look forward to seeing it thrive n my garden Coprosma Fireburst in a 9cm pot - Evergreen Bushy 06/30/2017
Plants recieved promptly and in good condition. Very good! Vinca major 'Variegata' (Sent in 9cm Pot) 06/22/2017
Plants were dead when they finally arrived. Refused to refund. A crook! 6 x Tumbling Tom Tomato Plug Plants - Excellent fo 06/17/2017
Still not received after 10 days. Please can someone advise ASAP on this status of this order! Hibiscus 'Marina Rose' of Sharon (Sent in 1ltr Pot 06/14/2017
Brilliant! Plant arrived really quickly and well packaged. Thank you so much : ) Laurentia Blue Plant in a 13cm Pot. Isotoma Axilla 06/12/2017
Quick delivery (3 days) Well packaged to protect the plants without crushing them. Healthy plants Ceanothus Concha - California Lilac, Plant in 9cm 06/11/2017
received a refund with no explanation why my order had no been sent. Indigofera himalayensis ‘Silk Road’ - Indigo S 06/10/2017
Charged but item never arrived. Terrible communication from seller. Sansevieria Laurentii Houseplant. 60-65cm tall. Mo 06/06/2017
Out of stock. Refunded Paulownia tomentosa Foxglove tree (Sent in a 9cm p 06/05/2017
I paid for 5 lithops plants and received only one. Luckily I used PayPal so got a full refund Lithops, Living Stones, Flowering Stones Plant. 5 05/30/2017
Did not get what we ordered? Hoya carnosa 'Compacta' house plant in a 9cm pot. 05/27/2017
i have not received a credit of $21.20 due to order not approved for shipment outside of UK. Clematis texensis Princess Diana Climbing Plant In 05/25/2017
Good plant Leptospermum Scoparium 'Red Damask' Tea Tree Manuk 05/24/2017
Excellent quality plants Heliotrope Marine bedding plants. 12 Garden Ready 05/22/2017
Terrible! Delivered wrong plant & charged me double. Don't buy from these people! Aloe Arborescens Plant in a 15cm Pot x 1 05/21/2017
I have not received the Plant. Please leave me a message on the shipment. Hoya carnosa 'Compacta' house plant in a 9cm pot. 05/21/2017
Plant arrived in good time, well-packed and as described. It is now growing well. Clematis tex Gravetye Beauty in a 7cm pot - clemat 05/17/2017
You should tell the buyer that you can't ship it before its bought. Philodendron Monkey Mask / Monstera Obliqua Plant 05/15/2017
I haven't received my order yet. Sorbaria sorbifolia Sem 9cm Pot - Garden Shrubs - 05/14/2017
Plant in great shape upon arrival. Thank you. I hope I can find you when I need to buy again Judy Clematis texensis Princess Diana Climbing Plant In 05/12/2017
not yet got order ? Curry Plant in a 11cm Pot. 05/11/2017
RancupidUK = awful service!Plants came not in pots but newspaper with a little loose earth! Crassula 'Buddhas Temple' Plants in a 6cm Pot. Rar 04/28/2017