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i got the poster it is damaged severely in shipping wish to get replacement please get back to me Camila Cabello 18"x28" (45cm/70cm) Poster 04/16/2021
The poster arrived in a timely fashion. Origin of Life Chart 18"x28" (45cm/70cm) Poster 03/03/2021
This picture was like I was sitting right next to Edie. Clear, great photo stock paper, REALLY fast Edie Sedgwick 13"x19" (32cm/49cm) Polyester Fabric, etc. 01/11/2021
item was securely packed in a poster roll and exactly as pictured. shipping took 4 weeks as expected Ultimate Hot Dog Style Guide Chart 18"x28" (45cm/7 12/01/2020
It was so easy. Thanks Beef Cuts Where they come from How to cook them Ch 10/13/2020
Very nice and colorful poster! The World of Semi-precious Stone Sample Chart 13"x 01/22/2020
I could have used a little more communications.

Seller's reply: This is a ridiculous statement, considering you sent me over 10 emails to which I replied every single time.
Skull and Bones 24"x35" (60cm/90cm) Canvas Print 01/16/2020
The print arrived in good condition! The Various Varieties of Vegetables Chart 12"x16" 01/10/2020
Beautiful item. Thoughtfully shipped. Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names Chart 13"x19" (32cm/49 01/03/2020
Good ASAP Rocky 13"x19" (32cm/49cm) Polyester Fabric Po 12/29/2019
Excellent quality poster! Highly recommend buying from them! The Chart of Hand Tools 18"x28" (45cm/70cm) Poste 12/16/2019
I received the poster this week (11/4) and am very happy with it. Nice quality and I have framed it Beef Cuts Recommended Cooking Methods Chart 18"x28 11/08/2019
Like it so much, might order one for myself! John Lennon Paul McCartney 18"x28" (45cm/70cm) Can 11/08/2019
It was very good, arrived promptly and I am pleased with it. Postage was high but that's postage. The World of Semi-precious Stone Sample Chart 13"x 10/18/2019
Checkout invoice does not show shipping amount until it goes through pay pal

Seller's reply: You just bought 2 items and straight wrote reviews, without contacting me. I am going to cancel both orders.
The World of Semi-precious Stone Sample Chart 13"x 09/24/2019
Did not show checkout invoice with shipping charge

Seller's reply: It definitely shows, with bold numbers, before and when buying.
A list of Precious and Semi Precious Gemstones Cha 09/24/2019
I have not received the item yet.

Seller's reply: There was an attempt to deliver it on 14th Sep, but noone was available to pick it up. A notice was left, you should check at your local post.
Ultimate Hot Dog Style Guide Chart 18"x28" (45cm 09/16/2019
great,friendly, accomodating service! Rocket League 18"x28" (45cm/70cm) Poster 09/06/2019
I ordered this a week and a half ago, and the shipping shows this item is still out of the country.

Seller's reply: You ordered a week ago, your item was shipped 2 days after that. Last update is from yesterday:
John Lennon Paul McCartney 18"x28" (45cm/70cm) P 08/19/2019
Thank you so much for your attention to our inadvertent double order and for the poster; it is great Keith Richards 18"x28" (45cm/70cm) Poster 08/19/2019
Great quality! Got here within a few weeks. Stevie Nicks 18"x28" (45cm/70cm) Poster 08/16/2019
Not truly 19x13 more like 19x12.5Cool poster though Modest Mouse Brand New Tour 13"x19" (32cm/49cm) Po 08/15/2019
Will definitely recommend and use printandrun again. Excellent quality and very quick responses. James Dean Audrey Hepburn 18"x28" (45cm/70cm) Ca 08/15/2019
the product has not shown up. the tracking number is not workingl

Seller's reply: You have already received your order:
Beef Cuts Recommended Cooking Methods Chart 18"x28 08/12/2019
Nice item and very fast shipping. The World of Semi-precious Stone Sample Chart 13"x 08/08/2019
The image quality is poor and the paper printed on it regular paper, not as described

Seller's reply: You haven't provided any pictures to prove your statement. This is how it normally looks:
Stevie Nicks 18"x28" (45cm/70cm) Poster 08/01/2019
Easy to order. Ultimate Hot Dog Style Guide Chart 18"x28" (45cm/7 07/17/2019
Fast shipping JoJo Siwa 18"x28" (45cm/70cm) Canvas Print 07/12/2019
Prompt and an accurate description of a good product The Ultimate Types of Pasta List Infographic Chart 07/10/2019
The poster didn’t arrived.

Seller's reply: Your order is still in the process of shipping, for more info:
American Kennel Dog Breeds Club Chart 18"x28" (45 07/07/2019
The poster arrived with damage to one edge. The poster was not printed straight. Cheap paper.

Seller's reply: Posters are printed digitally, using professional polyester paper. The style of this print is vintage, which can make it look like that.
Pearl Jam Soundgarden Concert 18"x28" (45cm/70cm) 06/18/2019
Brilliant service. My request to change the delivery address was swiftly and courteously replied to. Shakespearean Insults Chart 18"x28" (45cm/70cm) P 06/13/2019
Everything looks good, thank you! Freddie Mercury 18"x28" (45cm/70cm) Poster 05/29/2019
Came really quickly and was exactly what they sold it as (in size and quality) Edie Sedgwick Andy Warhol 18"x28" (45cm/70cm) Post 05/28/2019
Still havent received my print yet. Ordered 4/16. Starting to think they just took money.

Seller's reply: Your order arrived yesterday, but there wasn't an authorized recipient available to pick it up. Please, check at your local post office! RI251322141BG
Cuts of Beef Chart 18"x28" (45cm/70cm) Poster 05/07/2019
Amazing!! Super quick delivery and great quality!! Thank you very much!! Will buy from again!! :D A+ The Walking Dead Season 4 Clementine Telltale Game, etc. 04/17/2019
The poster came in on time but it was smaller than I expected and didn’t have all of the labels

Seller's reply: The size is written in the item's title and description. All the labels in the preview are present in the final product.
American Kennel Dog Breeds Club Chart 13"x19" (32c 03/29/2019
My package was sent to Bulgaria, I live in Fresno,California. I haven't received it yet.

Seller's reply: Your order was sent from Bulgaria, it's already in the States. RI250991414BG for more info.
Starship Size Comparison Chart 18"x28" (45cm/70cm) 03/16/2019
Thank you, my star wars galaxy maps arrived Star Wars Insider The Galaxy Chart Map 18"x28" ( 03/15/2019
Never received package

Seller's reply: Your order was delivered but an authorized recipient was not available to pick it up. Please check at your local post office.
Mr. Robot Season 3 13"x19" (32cm/49cm) Poster 03/14/2019
Received item in the exact amount of time it was supposed to come and packaging was great! Harry Styles 13"x19" (32cm/49cm) Poster 03/12/2019
Excellent gem guide chart. Love it. The gems and beautiful things this seller has are beautiful. The World of Semi-precious Stone Sample Chart 13"x 02/19/2019
Still waiting on my order,

Seller's reply: Your order shipped 10 days ago, the delivery takes around 2 to 4 weeks. For more info: RI251001337BG
Ultimate Hot Dog Style Guide Chart 18"x28" (45cm 02/11/2019
Product arrived quickly considering from how far it came. It arrived in excellent condition! Iggy Pop 13"x19" (32cm/49cm) Poster 02/10/2019
Positive The Plethora of Pasta Permutations Chart 18"x28" ( 02/02/2019
Great experience! Very easy to contact someone to inquire where in transit the package was! The Magnificent Multitude of Beer Chart 18"x28" (4 01/26/2019
Love it. Been looking for this in print for years as can't afford the original. Iggy Pop Debbie Harry 18"x28" (45cm/70cm) Canvas 01/19/2019
never got item

Seller's reply: You bought the item 2 weeks ago on New Year, it took 10 days for the delivery, it's ready to be picked at your local post office!
Eric Church 18"x28" (45cm/70cm) Canvas Print 01/14/2019
I still haven’t received my item, and it’s been over 4 weeks

Seller's reply: You bought this right on Christmas, it's been almost 3 weeks, delays are normal due the Holidays. Tracking's been updated today, check: RI251173836BG
Pearl Jam Eddie Vedder 13"x19" (32cm/49cm) Polyest 01/10/2019
I was expecting a larger poster and in color, not black and white. Fortunately, my son likes it. Freddie Mercury 13"x19" (32cm/49cm) Polyester Fabr 12/29/2018
Thank you Fortnite Game 13"x19" (32cm/49cm) Polyester Fabri 12/23/2018
I have not yet received my package that shipped on 12/7 and arrived New York on 12/15 per tracking

Seller's reply: Tracking updated yesterday (20th Dec), order is being delivered to its final destination.
Highlights of the Jazz Story in USA Chart 18"x28" 12/21/2018
Haven’t received it yet!,

Seller's reply: Your order is on its way to the final destination. For more info: RI251245453BG
The World of Semi-precious Stone Sample Chart 13"x, etc. 12/20/2018
Still waiting in the poster to’s been almost two weeks.

Seller's reply: It's noted in the item's description that it takes from 2 to 4 weeks.
The Connected Characters of Seinfeld Chart 18"x28 12/15/2018
I still have not received my order. Tried contacting the seller. No response. This is not ok.

Seller's reply: You were contacted back 30 minutes after your message. Here's your tracking number for more information: RI251249605BG.
Kygo 18"x28" (45cm/70cm) Poster 12/10/2018
Great product, competitive price and very quick delivery. Highly recommend this seller. Shakespearean Insults Chart 18"x28" (45cm/70cm) P 12/07/2018
It was advertised as free shipping and I was charged.

Seller's reply: The shipping cost is strictly specified in the checkout.
Alex Turner Arctic Monkeys 13"x19" (32cm/49cm) Po 11/26/2018
I would like to return this item - how can i do this please? Solo A Star Wars Story Unisex Adult T-Shirt (Avai 11/22/2018
The bird poster arrived in good shape and within the shipping time interval quoted. Birds of North America Chart 18"x28" (45cm/70cm) 11/14/2018
I have not received my print.

Seller's reply: Your order arrived on 26th Oct in the States, expect it very soon, tracking number: RI251319417BG for more info.
Birds of North America Chart 18"x28" (45cm/70cm) 10/29/2018
EASY AND QUICK. THANKS! The Magnificent Multitude of Beer Chart 18"x28" (4 10/18/2018
I received the item and it's im excellent condition. Thank you Regina 38 ways to make a perfect Coffee Chart 18"x28" (4 10/10/2018
A little smaller than the poster I bought in Beaune a few years ago, but good price, good packaging. Wine Aromas Chart 18"x28" (45cm/70cm) Poster 10/08/2018
I am still waiting for my order to be delivered...…….

Seller's reply: Hi, it's been 2 weeks, last update was on 28th (yesterday) that it is on track to be delivered to its final destination, RI268203130BG for more info.
John Lennon Paul McCartney 18"x28" (45cm/70cm) Bun 09/29/2018
It took about 3 weeks for the order to arrive but it was being shipped from Bulgaria.. The World of Semi-precious Stone Sample Chart 13"x 09/24/2018
Very unsatisfied

Seller's reply: We are sorry to hear that, but your reason is something that doesn't depend on us.
The Lumineers Cleopatra World Cover Art Tour 13"x1 09/19/2018
My poster arrived on time and was of the quality and specifications listed. My sis loved it! (B-day) The Walking Dead Season 4 Clementine Telltale Game 09/12/2018
My order from Print and Run arrived earlier than expected and I was ver happy. Logic BOBBY TARANTINO 2 13"x19" (32cm/49cm) Polye 09/03/2018
Excellent service! My item arrived promptly and in perfect condition! Thank you! Ultimate Hot Dog Style Guide Chart 18"x28" (45cm 09/01/2018
The shipping was fast. But the poster is terrible quality. It looks like it was scanned 20 times!

Seller's reply: It might look like that because of the newspaper-style of the image.
American Kennel Dog Breeds Club Chart 18"x28" (45 08/31/2018
Please cancel this order.

Seller's reply: Your order has been cancelled, although for such requests you should have used e-mail, and not write a review.
Common Species of Wasps and Bees Chart 18"x28" ( 08/29/2018
Received The Lumineers Tour Concert 18"x28" (45cm/70cm) Pos 08/28/2018
It is paper not fabric The Elements of Astrology chart Fire Earth Air Wa 08/10/2018
Good shipping speed. Little tear on poster otherwise great condition 38 ways to make a perfect Coffee Chart 18"x28" (4 07/03/2018
Absolutely fab! A Visual Compendium of Sneakers Chart 18"x28" (45 06/14/2018
Could not use tracking number that I received and have no idea when my package is coming in.

Seller's reply: You can track your order here with RI251022120BG.
The Weeknd 13"x19" (32cm/49cm) Poster 06/12/2018
Fast shipping, mine came in one week. Poster quality was about typical as you would expect A Visual Compendium of Sneakers Chart 18"x28" (45 06/11/2018
I has been several weeks and I have not heard from seller or received order.

Seller's reply: Your order arrived on the 13th May in the States, expect it very soon. Tracking number: RI250900909BG, track it on:
The Chart of Cosmic Exploration 18"x28" (45cm/70c 05/16/2018
Looks great and arrived much earlier than expected. The Cartography of Kitchenware Chart 18"x28" (45c 04/11/2018
More than FOUR WEEKS and my poster still hasn’t arrived!

Seller's reply: Hello, today is 4th April, your order shipped on 21st March. It's been 2 weeks. Here is your tracking number: RI251835588BG, expect it soon.
Guide to Horse colors and patterns Chart 18"x28" 04/03/2018
Fast delivery - excellent product - well packaged. Very good Sea of Thieves Game 18"x28" (45cm/70cm) Poster 03/19/2018
I still have yet to receive the poster.

Seller's reply: The delivery takes from 2 to 4 weeks, your order arrived on the 17th March in the States, here is the tracking number for more info: RI260203258BG
Kurt Cobain Nirvana 18"x28" (45cm/70cm) Poster 03/18/2018
I have yet to receive my order. Is there a problem with my order? Esperanza Spalding 18"x28" (45cm/70cm) Poster 01/22/2018
I still haven't received my order, Is there any to track it? if not, I'd like a refund. Iggy Pop 13"x19" (32cm/49cm) Poster 01/19/2018
STILL HAVN'T RECEIVED MY ORDER Musical Instruments Chart 18"x28" (45cm/70cm) Pos 01/16/2018
Couldn't find a poster of this album cover anywhere in the US. Quality of print and paper was awesom Bastille Wild World 18"x28" (45cm/70cm) Poster 01/11/2018
Has been a whole month and my poster has still not shown up Demi Lovato 13"x19" (32cm/49cm) Poster 12/26/2017
I haven’t received my package, truly unprofessional. Shawn Mendes 13"x19" (32cm/49cm) Poster 12/11/2017
The quality is amazing. Very happy. It only took two weeks to arrive. Thanks! The Chart of Cosmic Exploration 18"x28" (45cm/70cm 11/19/2017