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Great miniatures. Clean lines. 1pcs Archaon Everchosen of Chaos Champion Age of S, etc. 09/02/2021
Got the item as prescribed 1pcs Heavy Artillery Carriage & Earth Shaker Canno 08/30/2021
Great Minifigure Vision Avengers Infinity War Marvel Sup 08/25/2021
Just what I wanted and at a reasonable price !! 1pcs Autilon Skorr Alpha Legion Traitor Chaos Spac 08/22/2021
Very happy with my purchase. Funko POP! Sloth #76 The Goonies Vinyl Action Figu 08/20/2021
I received the product and so far am very happy with it 1pcs Storm Eagle Gunship Imperial Navy Space Marin 08/20/2021
My shipment came today in the mail! It arrived safely, looks good. Came in a timely manner for intl. Funko POP! Captain America (World War II) #219 Ave 07/01/2021
The process of ordering went smoothly, just waiting to find out when I may get it. Funko POP! Hei-Hei #292 Moana Disney Movie Vinyl A 06/21/2021
Thank you I really appreciate the items I got from you they’re all wonderful Minifigure Zombie Horror Lego compatible Building , etc. 06/19/2021
Unfortunately the box was damaged, so I am disappointed because I keep all of my funkos in the boxes Funko POP! Hamm #170 Toy Story Disney Pixar Movie 06/12/2021
Model was missing part if the head and the right leg. The merchant sent thee missing parts and resolved the issue. 1pcs Tariana Palos Sister Superior Adepta Sororita 05/10/2021
Clearly a knockoff and not real thing. Shipped too expensive and takes too long. No sprue though +

Seller's reply: Absolutely not true! Only original quality! And delivery much earlier than the deadline !!!
1pcs Daemon Prince of Nurgle Death Guard Traitor L 05/04/2021
Has my order been shipped

Seller's reply: Sure ! Add tracking number on the eCrater !!
Minifigure Ronan the Accuser Marvel Super Heroes L 04/29/2021
Was happy to get them. Thx! Minifigure Heimdall Thor The Dark World Marvel Sup, etc. 04/15/2021
I ordered March 26th it is now April 11th and haven't got my package yet...dont know if it's the p.o Minifigure Jason Voorhees Friday the 13th Horror L 04/11/2021
All of the pieces were present and it is as advertised 1pcs Mortarion Daemon Primarch of Nurgle Death Gua 03/26/2021
Paid on 03/09, shipped 03/17, still in-transit. Funko POP! Super Sonic #287 Sonic The Hedgehog Vin 03/25/2021
I never received the item (it was out of stock). Seller issue a refund less than 24 hours after I placed the order. LEGO 75009 Star Wars Snowspeeder & Hoth 03/17/2021
Check out procee was easy. I am still skeptical about receiving an authentic Funko not a fake. Qui Gon Jinn Glow Funko POP! #128 Star WarsExclusi 02/26/2021
Very respectful and honest seller Minifigure Mr. Bean Lego compatible Building Block 02/26/2021
Out of stock, payment refunded.

Seller's reply: You received an instant full refund and apology. It's just that this set was not available. Why so much negativity ...
LEGO 75529 Star Wars Elite Praetorian Guard 02/17/2021
Merchandise was not handled properly before being shipped so was received slightly damaged.Not happy Funko POP! Mr. Krabs #29 SpongeBob SquarePants Mov 02/12/2021
No issues with my order. Very happy LEGO 7091 Castle Series Knight's Catapult Defense 01/26/2021
Very efficient and quick arrival very helpful and high quality product 4pcs Lord Felthius & Tainted Cohort Sons Warband C 01/26/2021
fast excellent service , would recommend seller 100% 1pcs Malignant Plaguecaster Death Guard Plague Mar 01/26/2021
I’m very happy with the order. LEGO 7187 Kingdoms Series Escape From Dragon's Pri, etc. 01/25/2021
Package came missing his left shoulder pad and description said "100% new with box" came in a bag 1pcs Terminator Chaplain Space Marine Warhammer Re 01/20/2021
It was alright 1pcs Commissar Traitor Guards Chaos Space Marine W, etc. 01/16/2021
Product arrived on time as specified 1pcs Malignant Plaguecaster Death Guard Plague Mar 12/31/2020
Easy purchase and nice looking product! Bizarra Wonder Woman Style Minifigure DC Comics Su, etc. 12/29/2020
Still not received. Funko POP! Mr. Krabs #29 SpongeBob SquarePants Mov 12/29/2020
Came on time. Looked good Nathan Drake Funko POP! Uncharted Keychain Vinyl A 12/22/2020
Paid on 11/27, refunded on 11/28 Big Minifigure Venom Marvel Super Heroes Building 12/15/2020
Still waiting for item to arrive. Hopefully before Christmas. Funko POP! Harry Potter (on Broom) #31 Harry Potte 12/10/2020
The shipping charge on this item was the same as the cost of the item. $52! Terrible LEGO 75953 Harry Potter Hogwarts Whomping Willow 12/02/2020
Arrived on 11-24-2020, nicely packaged, and in perfect condition.Thank you. Funko POP! L #218 Death Note Anime Movie Vinyl Act, etc. 11/25/2020
I received a Pebbles LEGO instead of a Bamm Bamm. Minifigure Bamm-Bamm Rubble from The Flintstones C 11/17/2020
Paid on 10/09 shipped on 10/13 still in transit Iron Man Dead Illusion Spider-Man Far From Home Mi, etc. 10/25/2020
It was very easy and fast to order. My grandson can hardly wait to receive it Minifigure Ghost Rider with Bike Motorcycle Marvel 10/16/2020
Very good Funko POP! Venom #82 Marvel Super Heroes Vinyl Act 10/15/2020
Its birthday present hasn't Really checked it out yet Dilophosaurus Big Minifigure Jurassic World Dinosa 10/13/2020
Easy and quick to use! Funko POP! Tony the Tiger #08 Frosted Flakes Vinyl 10/11/2020
I have not received my purchase yet. Minifigure Deadpool 2 Heads Marvel Super Heroes Bu, etc. 10/03/2020
Haven’t received my package after 2 weeks and cannot track my order either would like to know more Minifigure Count Dooku Star Wars Building Lego Blo 08/18/2020
My box cane damage is there any way I can get another one it’s really bad Funko POP! King Leonidas #16 300 Spartans Film Anc 08/17/2020
20 days and still haven’t received my order; paid 07/13, shipped on 07/17, still in transit Reverse-Flash Minifigure DC Comics Super Heroes 08/02/2020
I still have not received my order (shipped on 07/03

Seller's reply: Your order is on the way to you. Only 12 days have passed since the moment of order. This is too little. you will definitely receive an order.
Minifigure Loki from Thor Ragnarok Marvel Super He 07/16/2020
Paid on 07/01 shipped on 07/06 still in transit

Seller's reply: Dispatch made within three days! You can check it by the track number! I am an honest seller
Funko POP! Boggart as Snape #52 Harry Potter Vinyl 07/12/2020
Awesome stuff, sent extras. I'm beyond pleased. Minifigure Sandman from Spider-man Movie Marvel Su, etc. 07/02/2020
Fast arrival time. Minifigure Black Manta Aquaman DC Comics Super Her 07/01/2020
Good to deal with however wish they packaged the item better. Funko POP! Boggart as Snape #52 Harry Potter Vinyl 06/30/2020
Perfect condition Funko POP! Sirius Black (Chase) #67 Harry Potter V 06/23/2020
I have no estimated time of arrival, nor do I know where to look. We order them 2 weeks ago.

Seller's reply: Your order is on the way to you. Only 10 days have passed since the moment of order. This is too little. you will definitely receive an order.
3pcs Minifigures Animals Three Horses Black Brown 06/06/2020
i Love it wonderful Funko POP! Michael Jackson (Smooth Criminal) #24 M 06/05/2020
This item has not been delivered Funko POP! Tony Montana #86 Scarface Film Vinyl Ac 05/27/2020
WE HAVE NOT RECEIVED THIS YET Minifigure DJ Marshmello with Hammer Lego compatib 05/14/2020
Thank you for fine item and service. Be safe and well. LEGO 10228 Monster Fighters Haunted House 05/04/2020
Quick delivery LEGO 9461 Monster Fighters The Swamp Creature 04/30/2020
Hi I have not received this order yet could someone look into this for me please. kind regards Minifigure Mister Negative Marvel Super Heroes Leg, etc. 04/28/2020
My grandson loved it. We got more then expected. Thank you Minifigure Spider-Man Marvel Super Heroes Building 04/11/2020
I was issued a refund promptly after I realized that shipping was as much as the purchase price. LEGO 75105 Star Wars Millennium Falcon 04/06/2020
Excellent smooth transaction Minifigure Luke Skywalker Pilot Orange Suit Star W 04/02/2020
Not much communication, but item received as expected and within decent amount of time. Thanks for LEGO 75018 Star Wars Jek-14’s Stealth Starfighte 03/18/2020
We have not received this. I was sent a tracking # but it didn’t say how it was being sent. Minifigure DJ Marshmello with Hammer Lego compatib 03/16/2020
Ordered 2/11 Shipped 2/21 Minifigure Saint Walker Green Lantern DC Comics Su 03/09/2020
There was no tracking information or receive by date. ordered 2/16, As of 3/3 not yet received Minifigure Jason Voorhees Friday the 13th Horror L 03/03/2020
Ordered 2/3 Shipped/2/22

Seller's reply: I ask you a little more patience. Delivery time is not over yet. You will definitely receive your order.
Big Minifigure Thestral Magic Horse from Harry Pot 02/27/2020
It was a real Lego set - not an imitation! We were very happy with it. LEGO 75100 Star Wars First Order Snowspeeder 02/18/2020
Amazing! in Perfect shape - my son loved it! Thank you! LEGO 75117 Star Wars Kylo Ren 02/12/2020
Amazing communication between buyer and seller when transacting with LepinBlocks.Very happy so far. Funko POP! John Wick (Bloody) #387 Keanu Reeves Fi 02/10/2020
Negative because this was ordered over 11 days ago & the only email I have received was from PayPal! 3pcs minifigures Good Bad Ugly Clint Eastwood West 02/10/2020
Ordered by mistake and my refund request was met with no negativity. Very fast and profession Funko POP! Dustin and Dart #593 Stranger Things Vi, etc. 02/08/2020
Great value and quality. Quick delivery. Excellent contact with seller. Highly recommended. 5☆ Minifigure Boy With Penguin Costume Lego compatibl 01/17/2020
Paid £31.30 customs charge on top of postage would not have bought had I known

Seller's reply: I am very sorry, but these are the rules of your country.
LEGO 8052 Technic Series Container Truck 01/13/2020
Paid on 12/05/2019, shipped on 12/09/2019. Still in transit Minifigure Voltron Legendary Defender Lego compati 12/30/2019
seller was awesome; very easy to deal with and no problems Minifigure Kylo Ren with Helmet Star Wars Building 12/28/2019
Nice item. Shipped right away and arrived before Christmas. THANK YOU!! Minifigure Batman Arkham Knight DC Comics Super He 12/21/2019
I did not notice the international shipping cost when I paid. Seller refunded same day. Excellent. 2018 NEW LEGO 75533 Star Wars Boba Fett 12/08/2019
seller was quick with responses and was very helpful with resolving my queries. LEGO 10143 Star Wars Death Star II 12/05/2019
Eh LEGO 8015 Star Wars Assassin Droids Battle Pack, etc. 12/03/2019
Never received order. However seller was responsive and answered all emails. Minifigure Riot Venom Marvel Super Heroes Lego com 11/10/2019
Easy checkout. Delivery was faster than expected. And communication was great. Would order again. 07044 Arkham Asylum Breakout Batman Series (Lego 1 10/27/2019
The seller is an honest and trustworthy person. My item was out of stock and he refunded immediately 8pcs minifigures DC Comics Super Heroes Batman Poi 10/23/2019
The item has not been delivered yet. Could you please follow up, advise when I can expect delivery? Minifigure War Machine James Rhodes Avengers Marve 10/20/2019
Looked like we thought Minifigure Bucky Barnes Winter Soldier Marvel Supe 09/30/2019
Items are as described. Shipping was initiated quickly. 8pcs minifigures Marvel Guardians Of The Galaxy Dr 08/28/2019
Was kept informed all the way from order to delivery. I'll give 11/10 for the kit. Full colour book. 16014 Lepin Creator Series Shuttle Expedition (Leg 08/17/2019
I received the merchandise, in good condition 05038 Lepin Star Wars Sandcrawler (Lego 75059 anal 06/27/2019
It hasn’t come yet

Seller's reply: Only 20 days have passed since your order. Be patient, your order is on its way to you and you will receive it very soon.
Minifigure Bucky Barnes Winter Soldier Marvel Supe 06/26/2019
Thank you! 16011 Lepin Castle Series Medieval Market Village 06/25/2019
This sell communicated with us for a fast easy transaction delivered to AUS. Highly recommended. 16004 Lepin The Simpsons The Kwik-E-Mart (Lego 710, etc. 06/08/2019
Great set, great quality! Went together nicely and my son loves that Batman can ride inside it! 07018 Lepin DC Comics Super Heroes Kryptonite Inte 04/10/2019
For the most part, the sent package was well put together. There was 1 piece missing, but we made do 07032 Lepin DC Comics Super Heroes Batman: Gotham 03/17/2019
Kit is missing a number of brick pieces making it impossible to complete.

Seller's reply: You should have contacted me. Let me know which part is missing and I will send it to you as soon as possible and completely free of charge.
17005 Lepin Creator Series Big Ben (Lego 10253 ana 02/02/2019
Great product, fast delivery. Very happy 05069 Lepin Star Wars Trade Federation MTT (Lego 7 01/05/2019
Great communication, fast delivery. Will definitely use again 07043 Lepin Marvel Super Heroes The SHIELD Helicar 12/03/2018
Good service, thank you 15002 Lepin Creator Series Cafe Corner (Lego 10182 11/20/2018
Good product, good price and was delivered in timeframe. 05041 Lepin Star Wars Republic Gunship (Lego 75021 11/13/2018
Love the AT AT. 05051 Lepin Star Wars AT-AT (Lego 75054 analog) Bu 11/04/2018
Item as described. Received package on time. 21pcs mini-figures Star Wars Captain Rex with Stor 10/06/2018
everything was in great condition and my son loved it.. 31001 Lepin Pharaoh`s Quest The Scorpion Pyramid (, etc. 07/27/2018