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As always, Julphia's products and service are the best anywhere. Thanks! Salicylic Acid Acne Mask, etc. 01/03/2009
Julphia always delivers wonderful products. I adore her! SOH Hair Lotion, etc. 12/30/2008
lovely as usual! Silk Powder Cream, etc. 12/29/2008
FANTASTIC customer service; excellent products -- I love Julphia! Silk Powder Cream Sampler, etc. 12/24/2008
Absolutely worth the wait and everything is amazing! Thanks for the great samples, must order some! Silk Powder Cream Sampler, etc. 12/19/2008
Box came packed with Xmas goodies and samples galore! I love Megan's products! Organic Aloe & Citrus Toner - 8 oz, etc. 12/17/2008
wonderful products as always! Whipped Sugar Scrub, etc. 12/16/2008
Great customer service! Whipped Sugar Scrub, etc. 12/14/2008
My order is absolutely fabulous! I will always buy from Julphia. She's the best :) Foaming Bath Butter and Shower Creme - Jumbo Size, etc. 12/10/2008
Very positive first shopping experience. Whipped Sugar Scrub 11/28/2008
Always a treat!! Excellent communication and extremely fast shipping! Satin Lotion Sampler, etc. 11/18/2008
great check out Revitalizing Avocado Conditioner 11/15/2008
I love buying from her great products! Bubble Nectar Sampler, etc. 11/14/2008
Understandably, a busy seller. Well-worth the wait. Fine products, well-packaged. Thanks! Perfume Oil 11/10/2008
Love this seller!!! Hair Butter, etc. 11/07/2008
Amazing products and customer servise, she has my business!! Silk Powder Cream - Jumbo Size, etc. 10/31/2008
Excellent products & service!! Thank you Whipped Sugar Scrub, etc. 10/29/2008
Wonderful seller! She provides great service and her products are fantastic, one of my favorites. Organic Lavender & Chamomile Toner, etc. 10/25/2008
absolutely completely wonderfully fantastic! i love everything and will be back. just perfect! Balancing Milk Shampoo, etc. 10/19/2008
I am looking forward to trying her products. I didn't like google I like paypal better. Thank you! Potion Hair Serum, etc. 10/13/2008
Great customer service as always. The best bath and body products on the internet. Silk Powder Cream, etc. 10/13/2008
As always, Megan delievers outstanding CS and products! Can't say enough good things about her! Bubble Nectar Sampler, etc. 10/12/2008
Awesome CS & Products!!!! Whipped Sugar Scrub, etc. 10/09/2008
Everything smells wonderful. She included a whole bunch of samples that I can't wait to try. Drench Hair and Body Mist, etc. 10/08/2008
Great products and wonderful customer service. Thanks! Pumpkin Butter Scrub, etc. 10/07/2008
I always adore julphi's goodies! Hair Butter, etc. 10/06/2008
Wonderful, as always. Lovely products with complex, orignal scents, lovingly made and packaged. Perfume Mister, etc. 10/06/2008
PRoducts arrived in good time, were scented beautifully; all were high quality! Shampoo & Conditioner Sampler, etc. 10/06/2008
Exceeds expectations as always--stellar service and product!!! Silk Powder Cream, etc. 10/04/2008
Quick, perfect, amazing. Best etailer in the world. Revitalizing Avocado Conditioner, etc. 10/02/2008
Wonderful! Whipped Sugar Scrub, etc. 10/02/2008
Another terrific experience with Julphia :) She's the best etailer hands down! Potion Hair Serum, etc. 09/29/2008
Another great order thanks! Oatmeal & Honey Cleanser, etc. 09/26/2008
FABULOUS in all respects!!! Shampoo & Conditioner Sampler, etc. 09/20/2008
Always wonderful to buy from this great etailer! Shampoo & Conditioner Sampler 09/20/2008
There is not enough praise in the world for this AMAZING seller. Excellent all the way and then some Organic Lavender & Chamomile Toner, etc. 09/19/2008
Megan products are the best and she has the most amazing CS. I'm a customer for life :) Any and Everything Else, etc. 09/16/2008
faster-than-advertised shipment, lots of extras, great service. Squalane Facial Elixir, etc. 09/11/2008
Awesome products, and VERY generous freebies. Will order from again! :D Dead Sea Mud Mask, etc. 09/10/2008
as usual, no problems, enjoyed the product Perfume Mister, etc. 09/10/2008
I love Megan! Her high quality products and outstanding customer service are top notch!! SOH Hair Lotion, etc. 09/07/2008
I like it very much. Satin Lotion Sampler, etc. 09/03/2008
Great product and samples. Body Glaze Sampler 09/02/2008
As always, everything was packaged wonderfully and samples aplenty. Man, I love Megan and her store! Fluff Body Butter, etc. 09/02/2008
Everything smells amazing! Not a single miss. SOH Hair Lotion, etc. 08/30/2008
Love these items! Will be back! Squalane Facial Elixir, etc. 08/28/2008
My order was fantastic. Everything was packaged nicely and smelled amazing! Bubble Nectar Sampler, etc. 08/26/2008
great as usual..... Salt Stick Deodorant, etc. 08/22/2008
Another perfect, flawless purchase from Julphia! She really is the absolute best Etailer out there! Silk Powder Cream, etc. 08/21/2008
Great products & Lovely seller Charcoal & Citrus Cleanser, etc. 08/17/2008
Great business, lovely products, A+++ customer service. Drench Hair and Body Mist, etc. 08/10/2008
Megan is the best! Her CS is out of this world and her products are amazing. Foaming Bath Butter and Shower Creme, etc. 08/07/2008
Great seller, lots of samples! Will buy again! Perfume Sampler, etc. 08/06/2008
I ADORE juphia there is always extras and her products are amazing!!! Silk Powder Cream - Jumbo Size, etc. 08/02/2008
wonderful products and fantastic c/s - always a pleasure :) Any and Everything Else, etc. 07/29/2008
Julphia's products are very high quality, my order was accurate, shipped quickly and securely. Embedded Bugs Glycerin Soap, etc. 07/29/2008
wonderful products and excellent customer service! Bubble Nectar, etc. 07/27/2008
Great communication from seller & was friendly, received everything much earlier than expected. Facial Cleansing Oil, etc. 07/26/2008
Once again, wonderful products and service from Julphia! Always a pleasure and thank you :) Whipped Sugar Scrub - Jumbo Size, etc. 07/23/2008
Very flexible seller with great products. Apothecary Perfume Pots, etc. 07/19/2008
Wonderful products as always. Generous samples also. Protein Conditioner (silicone-free), etc. 07/17/2008
I love ordering from Julphia, she always sends x-tra samples:) Perfume Oil, etc. 07/17/2008
Amazing. Best online retailer ever. Revitalizing Avocado Conditioner, etc. 07/16/2008
Megan is wonderful. I love everything and all the little goodies she sends along. need more room! Foaming Bath Butter and Shower Creme, etc. 07/08/2008
Great seller...great products and timely shipping Perfume Oil, etc. 07/06/2008
Marvelous as always! Julphia is the best. Soy Soft Body Dew Sampler, etc. 07/06/2008
Super quick transaction, wonderful products! Foaming Bath Butter and Shower Creme, etc. 07/05/2008
Products and service were great. great samples too! Will definately reoder. Balancing Milk Shampoo, etc. 06/29/2008
Excellent products, great customer service, fast TAT. A fabulous experience overall! Emulsifying Body Polish, etc. 06/29/2008
Wonder!!!! Will definitely shop again. LOVE the products so much . Thank you:) Perfume Oil, etc. 06/29/2008
Absolutely wonderful products, customer service, and turn-around-time. Thanks so much! I'll be back! Protein Conditioner (silicone-free), etc. 06/27/2008
I love Julphia, her service and products are simply amazing!! Protein Conditioner (silicone-free), etc. 06/26/2008
LOVE my stuff, thanks a million = ) Emulsifying Body Polish, etc. 06/26/2008
Another fabulous order. Thanks so much!!! Repel Natural Insect Deterrent, etc. 06/24/2008
Always a wonderful e-tailer to do business with!! Matcha Green Tea Butter Scrub, etc. 06/24/2008
Megan's products are perfection! Will keep coming back again & again for more! Potion Hair Serum, etc. 06/24/2008
Megan is the best! Perfume Sampler, etc. 06/21/2008
love the product will buy more! Apothecary Perfume Pots, etc. 06/20/2008
Loved everything I ordered, along with the generous samples! Charcoal & Citrus Cleanser, etc. 06/18/2008
Amazing-that about sums it uup! Megan's the best, beautiful package,extras galore-wonderful!Thanks!! Goldfish in a Bag Glycerin Soap, etc. 06/16/2008
Excellent products and service as usual Body Glaze Sampler, etc. 06/13/2008
Phenomenal service and products! Body Glaze 06/13/2008
Julphia's products are phenomenal! Great TAT and wonderful customer service! Highly recommend!!! Any and Everything Else, etc. 06/11/2008
Lovely seller, lovely products, lovely shipping, lovely samples. Wonderful! Charcoal & Citrus Cleanser, etc. 06/10/2008
AWESOME CO! I will definitely be ordering again. :) Body Glaze Sampler, etc. 06/09/2008
Love, love, LOVE everything! Thank you so much :) Amazing seller. Emulsifying Body Polish, etc. 06/05/2008
Perfect transaction, as always. Perfume Oil 06/05/2008
Great seller, will definitely order again! Body Glaze Sampler, etc. 06/05/2008
Megan is the best etailer! A+++ in customer service and products. Revitalizing Avocado Conditioner, etc. 06/01/2008
Amazing as always! Perfume Sampler, etc. 06/01/2008
great, thanks Shampoo & Conditioner Sampler, etc. 05/30/2008
Megan is simply the best !! Whipped Monoi Shea, etc. 05/28/2008
Love the shampoo/cond to pieces! The cream is really nice too, my skin is nice & smooth! Woot! Protein Conditioner (silicone-free), etc. 05/28/2008
love julphia the best customer service ever and great samples . Renew Microdermabrasion Cream, etc. 05/27/2008
easy ordering, great site Silk Powder Cream, etc. 05/23/2008
As always, it is a pleasure to order from Megan! Thanks again! Perfume Sampler 05/23/2008
Stellar products, CS and TAT. I will gladly buy from Julphia again. :) Whipped Sugar Scrub, etc. 05/21/2008
Unbelieveably good stuff. Beyond impressive! Drench Hair and Body Mist, etc. 05/19/2008
I love everything and the samples were SO nice to get. I will be ordering again for sure! Satin Lotion Sampler, etc. 05/19/2008
I adore Julphia's products and am consistently amazed with her CS and wonderful products! Ginger Peach Lip Balm 0.15 oz Tube, etc. 05/15/2008
Fantastic transaction! Friendly, responsive seller, great products, reasonable pricing. Thanks! Luxury Bamboo Washcloth, etc. 05/15/2008
Fantastic products, wonderful service, very fast turnaround time -- will DEFINITELY order again! Whipped Sugar Scrub, etc. 05/14/2008
Great products and amazing customer service. Satin Lotion, etc. 05/13/2008
Julphia is always the VERY best in products and service! Charcoal & Citrus Cleanser, etc. 05/07/2008
Great service, amazing extras, wonderful product. Awesome transaction all around and I'll be back! Charcoal & Citrus Cleanser, etc. 05/07/2008
Extremely happy! Faultless CS, products incredible, very generous. HIGHLY recommended! Whipped Sugar Scrub, etc. 05/06/2008
Superb customer service and the quality of everything looks wonderful. Bubble Nectar, etc. 05/06/2008
Awesome TAT and quality! Renew Microdermabrasion Cream, etc. 05/06/2008
Simply fantastic! Wonderful products and amazing customer service. Potion Hair Serum, etc. 05/04/2008
Megan never fails to impress! I ordered 4/28 and it arrived 5/3. And everything smells wonderful! Silk Powder Cream, etc. 05/03/2008
Perfect items as always! Can't wait to place another order! Perfume Sampler 05/02/2008
The service was fantastic and the products are ALL superb! Julphia is a first rate seller! Facial Cleansing Oil, etc. 04/29/2008
great products, wonderful customer service and fast delivery - Megan is the BEST!!!! Whipped Monoi Shea, etc. 04/25/2008
Best Etailer EVER. Your generosity boggles my mind, and I love you. Eternal customer loyalty from me Revitalizing Avocado Conditioner, etc. 04/24/2008
Megan is wonderful!! The products are amazing and she is so generous with lots of samples!!! Foaming Bath Butter and Shower Creme, etc. 04/17/2008
Julphia's service is the best out there! I love her products, amazing scent list, and fast shipping! Foaming Bath Butter and Shower Creme - Jumbo Size, etc. 04/12/2008
Great CS and awesome products! I will be back for more!! Body Glaze, etc. 04/09/2008
Everything smells wonderful. Samples out the wazoo. Definately one of my fave etailers! Whipped Shea Souffle, etc. 04/07/2008
awesome order as always! Thanks Megan, you rock :)) Perfume Sampler, etc. 04/03/2008
Loved everything I got from Julphia, will order again soon! Emulsifying Body Polish, etc. 04/03/2008
AMAZING is all I can say!! A++++ Perfume Sampler, etc. 03/30/2008
Megan has such great products and by far the best customer service! Drench Hair and Body Mist, etc. 03/30/2008
awesome seller , great commuication, very happy with the products. Papaya Exfoliating Mask, etc. 03/28/2008
Perfect as always :) Foaming Bath Butter and Shower Creme, etc. 03/25/2008
Very generous seller, lovely to deal with. Silk Powder Cream, etc. 03/20/2008
Awesome seller! Great products, wonderful customer service. A+++ Perfume Sampler, etc. 03/17/2008
This was a get-well present for a friend. Megan sent cute lil buckets and everything. Just perfect! Satin Lotion Sampler, etc. 03/15/2008
awesome as usual!!!!!! Lavender & Rosemary Soothing Mask, etc. 03/10/2008
Super efficient and friendly, #1 etailer to deal with. Salicylic Acid Acne Mask, etc. 03/07/2008
I'm a repeat customer at Julphia and will continue to be! Great products and customer service!! Fluff Body Butter, etc. 03/06/2008
julphia rocks! the best. Perfume Sampler 03/03/2008
fantastic customer service and awesome products - I am hooked!!! Bubble Nectar Sampler, etc. 02/27/2008
Julphia's products are the best I've tried. Quality and customer service and originality, best ever. Emulsifying Body Polish, etc. 02/22/2008
Samples galore! And everything that should smell good does! 2nd order w/ more to come :) Emulsifying Body Polish, etc. 02/22/2008
Such great products!! Thanks again! Emulsifying Body Polish, etc. 02/22/2008
One of the best etailer out there. I am completely satisfied as always! I will order again. Perfume Sampler, etc. 02/21/2008
Great products! Would definitely order again! Potion Hair Serum, etc. 02/20/2008
The products are wonderful! Great scents, products, and generous samples. Satin Lotion Sampler, etc. 02/20/2008
Great as Usual Oatmeal & Honey Cleanser, etc. 02/15/2008
Super friendly service, fast shipping, and WONDERFUL products! I'll definitely shop here again! Satin Lotion Sampler, etc. 02/14/2008
Amazing CS, An absolute pleasure to purchase from :) Satin Lotion Sampler, etc. 02/13/2008
As always, stellar products and amazing service. Thanks! Body Glaze, etc. 02/11/2008
I received my order today, everything smells great, and I can't wait to try my samples. Emulsifying Body Polish, etc. 02/09/2008
Amazing products and amazing person! Hands down best products and CS in the e-tailer world xx Drench Hair and Body Mist, etc. 02/09/2008
Wow! Everything smells wonderful! And a ton of freebies! Thanks so much for it all! Shampoo & Conditioner Sampler, etc. 02/08/2008
Everything was just simply amazing and the customer service is top notch! Drench Hair and Body Mist, etc. 02/02/2008
great order as usual. Megan is the best :))) Potion Hair Serum, etc. 01/31/2008
I couldn't be happier with Megan! Excellent products and outstanding service. Repeat cust here!! Bubble Nectar, etc. 01/29/2008
Quick delivery, great products, extra special touches!! Satin Lotion Sampler 01/22/2008
Excellent customer service and great products, already planning my next purchase!! Satin Lotion Sampler, etc. 01/19/2008
Megan is wonderful! Her products are wonderful! I am a very happy girl. Thank You! Facial Cleansing Oil, etc. 01/11/2008
Thank you so much! Working with this Julphia was a pleasant experience and I love the products!! Whipped Sugar Scrub, etc. 12/17/2007
Scented perfectly and left my hands soft and not greasy. Loved it. Apothecary Perfume Pots, etc. 12/14/2007
I always love her products! Perfume Oil, etc. 12/04/2007
AMAZING!!!! Fast and fabulous! I absolutely WILL order again! Thank you so much! SALE Ginger Peach Lip Balm 0.30 oz Tin, etc. 12/03/2007
Fantastic company, the products are wonderful and beautifully packaged. Very impressed! Silk Powder Cream, etc. 12/03/2007
fast shipping...amazing product!! Whipped Sugar Scrub - Jumbo Size, etc. 12/02/2007
Another perfect purchase! You are the best Megan! I will be back for more soon! Thank you so much! Charcoal & Citrus Cleanser, etc. 12/01/2007
Megan is fantastic! The products are amazing; rare to find so many good ones in one place. Foaming Bath Butter and Shower Creme, etc. 12/01/2007
gifts that friends requested! Balancing Milk Shampoo, etc. 11/26/2007
Super products - the nectar is so pretty! Super sweet seller too. Drench Hair and Body Mist, etc. 11/26/2007
Exceptional quality and service as always! One of the FINEST etailers around - I love her produtcs! Satin Lotion Sampler, etc. 11/26/2007
Julphia is the *best*! Wonderful products in a wide range of fabulous scents. Great CS, too! Bubble Nectar Sampler, etc. 11/26/2007
Exceptional service and outstanding products--I will definitely order again. Bubble Nectar, etc. 11/26/2007
Another great order, fast shipping and excellent products. Thanks so much! Silk Powder Cream, etc. 11/25/2007
Wonderful scents, perfect products, time after time! Shampoo & Conditioner Sampler, etc. 11/23/2007
Another excellent buying experience with Julphia! Lovely products and her customer service is A+++ Balancing Milk Shampoo, etc. 11/20/2007
fantastic products and customer service!!! Luxury Bamboo Washcloth, etc. 11/19/2007
The model of a perfect etailer - I can't praise enough! Revitalizing Avocado Conditioner, etc. 11/09/2007
Extremely positive experience!! Whipped Sugar Scrub, etc. 10/17/2007
outstanding products and service as always :)) Perfume Oil, etc. 10/01/2007
Outstanding. Superior products, BEST customer service EVER received, prompt, fabulous. Revitalizing Avocado Conditioner, etc. 08/14/2007
awesome seller! a pleasure to work with, will def be back for more! Soy Soft Body Dew, etc. 08/04/2007
thanks for a great order! Balancing Milk Shampoo, etc. 07/30/2007
another perfect order, will purchase from again! Shampoo & Conditioner Sampler, etc. 07/16/2007
Great Transaction! Thanks!! Whipped Sugar Scrub, etc. 07/12/2007
Absolutely fantastic seller! Fluff Body Butter, etc. 07/11/2007
PERFECT! Love everything, love her! Monoi de Tahiti Hair & Body Gloss, etc. 07/11/2007
Wonderful products and Quick delivery AAAA++++ Drench Hair and Body Mist, etc. 07/09/2007
Nice products, great customer service! Bubble Nectar, etc. 07/07/2007
Julphia's products are great for my skin and the CS can't be beat! Whipped Sugar Scrub, etc. 07/04/2007
my favorite scrub.. and i've tried many! wonderful quality.. not to mention very fast shipping!! Whipped Sugar Scrub - Jumbo Size 07/01/2007
great items and fast delivery I am NEVER disappointed when I receive an order from Megan!!! Silk Powder Cream, etc. 07/01/2007
Great seller, excellent products! Repel Natural Insect Repellent, etc. 06/26/2007
Very fast shipping and everything is wonderful! Thanks! Drench Hair and Body Mist, etc. 06/25/2007
Fabulous, as always!! Fluff Body Butter - Jumbo Size, etc. 06/25/2007
excellent products; great TAT; excellent communication Drench Hair and Body Mist, etc. 06/24/2007
wonderful products; amazing customer service; am now a loyal customer Satin Lotion Sampler, etc. 06/24/2007
great products; excellent customer service Satin Lotion Sampler, etc. 06/24/2007
excellent products; great TAT; excellent communication Whipped Sugar Scrub, etc. 06/24/2007
I couldn't have asked for better customer service and products! Whipped Sugar Scrub, etc. 06/21/2007
Simply wonderful! Everything smells amazing. Best customer service ever!!!! Perfume Oil, etc. 06/20/2007
Another wonderful order! I love everything! Thanks Megan! You are the bestest! Emulsifying Body Polish, etc. 06/20/2007
As always, Julphia delivers the BEST products. VERY quickly! Revitalizing Avocado Conditioner, etc. 06/18/2007
This seller is so on top of everything it makes my head spin!! Plus the products rock!!!!!!!! Silk Powder Cream 06/18/2007
The process was prompt and efficient. Repel Natural Insect Repellent 06/16/2007
I love this seller...best customer service and products hands down!!!! Fluff Body Butter 06/15/2007
great products, fantastic customer service. fast shipping!! Repel Natural Insect Repellent, etc. 06/13/2007
Julphia is wonderful every time! Her customer service cannot be beat--don't even try! Apothecary Perfume Pots, etc. 06/13/2007
Couldn't ask for any better product or service! I love everything! Emulsifying Body Polish, etc. 06/11/2007
Order arrived in record time, with several samples, all of which I love! Will definitely buy again! Revitalizing Avocado Conditioner, etc. 06/09/2007
This was my 3rd Julphia purchase--fantastic! Amazing items and lots of samples--she always rocks! Whipped Sugar Scrub - Jumbo Size 06/08/2007
great order as always!! Drench Hair and Body Mist, etc. 06/08/2007
Wow! Amazing seller! I cant wait to try the goodies!! Thank you!!! I will be back to shop for more!! Foaming Bath Butter and Shower Creme, etc. 06/07/2007
Awesome CS & TAT!!! These products are fabulous!!!!! Shampoo & Conditioner Sampler, etc. 06/07/2007
Fantastic Customer Service - the bst Ive had in awhile! & The products are To die for!!! THANKS! Whipped Sugar Scrub, etc. 06/06/2007
Can't wait to get these... Thanks Megan.... Satin Lotion Sampler, etc. 06/06/2007
Fast shipping, very responsive to questions, and superb product. Thanks! Foaming Bath Butter and Shower Creme, etc. 06/04/2007
Graet E Tailer, would DEFINITELY order again. Facial Cleansing Oil, etc. 06/03/2007
Great products, scent, customer service & price! Winner all around! Whipped Sugar Scrub, etc. 06/01/2007
I thought all of the scents were very perfumey and fake smelling. SALE Raspberry Lemonade Lip Balm 0.30 oz Tin, etc. 06/01/2007
Great seller! Bubble Nectar, etc. 05/31/2007
Very quick. Exactly what I ordered. Great! Satin Lotion Sampler, etc. 05/30/2007
excellent products, TAT and CS Drench Hair and Body Mist, etc. 05/29/2007
Wonderful scents, quality products, and lovely customer service! I will definitely order again! Whipped Sugar Scrub, etc. 05/26/2007
I thought she was perfect when I first ordered. . . but she just keeps getting better. Drench Hair and Body Mist, etc. 05/25/2007
She really goes all out to please! GREAT scents and service, thanks.... Drench Hair and Body Mist 05/24/2007
Received the order in a timely manner. Great service. Satin Lotion Sampler 05/20/2007
The best etailer ever! Superb products, super TAT, great communication, lovely extras. I'll return Ginger Peach Lip Balm 0.15 oz Tube, etc. 05/17/2007
I don't even have to wait for my products. Everything she makes is GOLD. Apothecary Perfume Pots, etc. 05/16/2007
Great order..Always the best items from Megan Silk Powder Cream, etc. 05/13/2007
Julphia is THE BEST. Hands down. Everything was perfect as always. She will always have my business! Satin Lotion Sampler, etc. 05/13/2007
Wonderful seller! Potion Hair Serum, etc. 05/08/2007
Megan is wonderful and her products are simply the best! Balancing Milk Shampoo, etc. 05/07/2007
Everything was a amazing! Bathing Bendables Glycerin Soap, etc. 05/06/2007
Smells wonderful! Revitalizing Avocado Conditioner, etc. 05/06/2007
I really liked this product. The scent list is a little hard to navigate - Whipped Sugar Scrub, etc. 05/05/2007
Great products! Fast shipping. Very helpful seller. Amazing customer service! Revitalizing Avocado Conditioner, etc. 05/04/2007
WONDERFUL!!!!! I'll be back!!!!!! Soapers Dozen 05/04/2007
Great value, fabulous customer service Satin Lotion, etc. 05/04/2007
Great smelling shampoo, super fast shipping and friendly service! Balancing Milk Shampoo, etc. 05/04/2007
Wonderful transaction. Will definitely order from her again. Fluff Body Butter, etc. 05/04/2007
Wonderful seller, great customer service, marvelous products. I'll be back! Sweet Serendipity Handmade Soap, etc. 05/04/2007
Wonderful seller, amazing products! Silk Powder Cream, etc. 05/04/2007
Amazing CS and fast shipping even with a big sale! Love everything--Julphia is a favorite! Satin Lotion Sampler, etc. 05/04/2007
I received my items nicely packaged and very quickly. Everything smells wonderful. Love the shampoo Satin Lotion Sampler, etc. 05/03/2007
Great products!!!! Facial Cleansing Oil, etc. 05/03/2007
Very nice products, and excellent customer service! Satin Lotion Sampler, etc. 05/02/2007
Fabulous, one of the BEST etailers out there!!!!! Silk Powder Cream, etc. 04/30/2007
Thank you so much for being so nice and helpful! The products are WONDERFUL!! Pick Three 04/30/2007
Excellent items, fast shipping, great communication! Will definitely buy again. Amazing seller!!! Soy Soft Body Dew, etc. 04/29/2007
Great transaction! Satin Lotion Sampler, etc. 04/29/2007
Another excellent order from a wonderful company!!! Balancing Milk Shampoo, etc. 04/27/2007
Excellent customer service. Shipped very quickly and received many great samples. Very pleased. Whipped Sugar Scrub 04/27/2007
She's an angel. AMAZING cs low tat and she's fabulous in every way. Drench Hair and Body Mist, etc. 04/23/2007
I love this woman and her little pots of magic!!!!! Satin Lotion Sampler, etc. 04/21/2007
Juphia is amazing! Customer service is wonderful as is turnaround time. Foaming Bath Butter and Shower Creme, etc. 04/20/2007
Megan is the BEST etailer out there! You are crazy if you don't order from her! Drench Hair and Body Mist, etc. 04/20/2007
Shipping was fast, items packaged well, met my expectations. Frankincense & Kadota Fig Handmade Soap, etc. 04/20/2007
AWESOME!!!!! THE BEST PODUCTS, CS, & TAT EVER!!! Balancing Milk Shampoo, etc. 04/19/2007
Amazing etailer!! The quality of the products and the customer service are absolutely wonderful!!!!! Whipped Sugar Scrub, etc. 04/17/2007
100% perfect transaction! Wonderful products and FAST shipping. I will be a customer FOREVER!! Potion Hair Serum, etc. 04/16/2007
AWESOME seller! Very nice,fast shipping and great products. I will be back. :-) Satin Lotion Sampler 04/13/2007
Thanks for having some awesome products! Foaming Bath Butter and Shower Creme, etc. 04/13/2007
Great products! Whipped Sugar Scrub, etc. 04/12/2007
Wonderful products and scents; fantastic customer serivce! Emulsifying Body Polish, etc. 04/12/2007
amazing etailer, great CS! Fluff Body Butter, etc. 04/12/2007
These products are absolutely fabulous! Foaming Bath Butter and Shower Creme, etc. 04/12/2007
Order was received on a mannerable time all the contents was there and all was pleased with scents. Satin Lotion Sampler 04/11/2007
Very quick shipping, and wonderful merchandise - as usual! Fluff Body Butter, etc. 04/09/2007
nice smelling soap ..always a great order! Sleeping Angels Handmade Soap, etc. 04/08/2007
Geat products and great customer service! Blackberry Viennese Latte Handmade Soap, etc. 04/07/2007
These scents are so amazing and the fast shipping blew me away!! Extras too!!!!!!! Apothecary Perfume Pots 04/06/2007
Everything is amazing! Maybe bag the Drench - there was a bit of leakage. Drench Hair and Body Mist, etc. 04/05/2007
WONDERFUL products. The best conditioner I have ever used in my LIFE. Potion Hair Serum, etc. 04/04/2007
Wonderful products, great communication, FAST turnaround time, refunded excess shipping. A++++ Drench Hair and Body Mist, etc. 04/03/2007
Everything was absolutely wonderful! Fluff Body Butter, etc. 04/02/2007
fantasic quality of products, lightning fast shipment and she also included a tron fo samples Foaming Bath Butter and Shower Creme, etc. 04/01/2007
You are going to heaven you are a beautiful person who makes yummy scents and i loved the samples Tingly Grapefruit Peppermint Handmade Soap, etc. 03/30/2007
Best service and products I've ever purchased on the internet. Potion Hair Serum, etc. 03/29/2007
Pkacing my first order was fairly easy, just wish the scents could be added as I added to the cart. Orange Crème Lip Balm 0.15 oz Tube, etc. 03/28/2007
Awesome customer service!!! Incredible products!!!! SUPER FAST SHIPPING!!!! Whipped Sugar Scrub, etc. 03/26/2007
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