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Perfect as every time! Thank you very much Gems Under the Sea 80418 Whitelipped Eel Catfish P 11/16/2020
Thank you very much for your kindly help. fish is perfecrt. B281 30434 Dendritic jawfish Opistognathus dendri 09/29/2020
perfect, thank you very much B284 30641 Blackbanded trevally Seriolina nigrofas 09/11/2020
thank you very much again 30093 Flyingfish Exocoetus volitans 163 mm, etc. 03/15/2020
great seller B308 20675 Cymatium oblitum 47 mm 01/29/2020
Perfect, as every time. Thank you very much! 30096 Flyingfish Exocoetus volitans 163 mm, etc. 12/11/2019
Always excellent products. Web site easily used .many thanks eveiyn. 90582 White tip Shark jaw- 167 mm 06/05/2019
fast to ship and arrived in the USA in good time. Perfect little isopod for my collection! 79243 Isopod - Bathynomus doederleini, 95.2 mm 08/21/2018
great items at a fair price -well packed and shipped quickly B653 Sailors Valentine Craft shells, Vittina Oper 08/18/2018
Excellent service 34725 Seashell Xenophora pallidula 07/05/2018
Thank you very much. Fish Mounts arrived in good condition as every time. 79394 Doubletooth Soldierfish- Myripristis hexagon, etc. 05/17/2018
tank you very much 74750 Two Barred Rabbitfish - Siganus virgatus, 13, etc. 03/09/2018
Perfect, as always. 74814 Seashell Conus kinoshitai, 58 mm, etc. 02/22/2018
Dear mrs.Evelyn, Thank you very much for the beautiful fish Mounts. Kindest regards Gerwald 74744 Honeycomb grouper - Epinephelus merra, 130 m, etc. 02/16/2018
Good service. My order arrived really well packaged, happy B789-34714 Seashell Xenophora pallidula 08/29/2017
Wonderful shells. Thanks so much. Will definitely buy from you again. B652 Sailors Valentine Craft shells Operculum Calc 08/22/2017
Very recommendable dealer. The specimens arrived in good shape, where well-padded and fast B807-41319 Marine life, 85x125 mm, etc. 06/17/2017
Just arrived today and it is just like description B803-49955 Pendants - Boar/ Hog/ Pig teeth/ tooth/ 04/26/2017
It's April 4th, my package was shipped Feb 28, I still haven't received it. B777-031883 Pendants - Boar tusk 112 mm 04/04/2017
Very pleasant to deal with and accommodating. Goods arrived in good shape. Thanks! Seashell Nautilus pompilius, natural, split 7" (17, etc. 03/04/2017
I have never received anything B803-49297 Pendants - Boar/ Hog/ Pig teeth/ tooth/ 09/16/2016
Great transaction. B803-49953 Pendants - Boar/ Hog/ Pig teeth/ tooth/, etc. 08/27/2016
Shipping was very fast Gemsunderthesea. B803-49299 Pendants - Boar/ Hog/ Pig teeth/ tooth/ 07/23/2016
Items just received. Everything was wrapped securely with no damage. Thanks for item descriptions. B787-27861 Northern scorpionfish - Parascorpaena , etc. 05/04/2016
Excellent shells!! Safe packaging. Takes a bit over a month to Canada. THANK YOU!!! Will be back. B501-44491 Sailor Valentine Green Nerites shells 1, etc. 09/24/2015
Easy to order. Item arrived reasonably quickly, well packed, in good condition and as described. Venus flower basket- Euplectella aspergillum Weddi 09/17/2015
Great service Seashell Cypraea minoridens Melvill, 1901 # 30733, etc. 06/03/2015
Loved most of the items. Surprised that some were so small. Need to check more closely at size. Dragonfish - Eurypegasus draconis Linnaeus, 1766 #, etc. 03/25/2015
todo llego bien los productos son identicos definitivamente volvere a comprar en gemsunderthesea Peeble crab - Parilia major, Giant, Sakai 1961, 64, etc. 02/18/2015
Thank you for the specimens,recommanded seller! Yellowtail clownfish Amphiprion clarkii Bennett, 1, etc. 10/26/2014
they arrived yesterday and are beautiful! Very pleased. Cut shells- Oliva amethystina shells, 1 oz, # 07-0, etc. 10/13/2014
all good Sea urchin spine - Heterocentrotus mammillatus, 1 , etc. 08/05/2014
all good Sea urchin - Eurypatagus ovalis Mortensen, 1948 # , etc. 08/05/2014
The specimens I received were TINY and several were broken. There are no sizes listed! Peeble crab - Leucosia anatum Herbst, 1783 (male) , etc. 07/07/2014
Nice shells, great service, until next time! Craft shells- Conus andamanensis, 12 pcs. # 021107, etc. 05/29/2014
the smaller scorpionfish's pectoral fins were broken when I received my order Epaulette surgeonfish - Acanthurus nigricauda Dunc, etc. 05/09/2014
como siempre, muy bien gracias. Cut shells - Nerita plicata, 1 lb, # 02-020610 04/22/2014
Thank you so much for the lovely shells. Your packaging was impressive and elegant in economy. Cut shells - Strombus luhuanus, 1 lot # 19-020406, etc. 03/22/2014
Highest quality, expertly packed and will order again with complete confidence. Sailors Valentine Craft shells Tiny Operculum, 1 o 02/18/2014
today i recevied my oder, the shipping is very fast, and the products are in perfect condition.thank Humpback turrit fish - Tetrosomus gibbosus Linnaeu, etc. 02/04/2014
Until next time...Thank you. Craftshells - Volvarina philippinarum pearlized, 1, etc. 12/10/2013
Excellent condition of shells. Thank you! Sailors Valentine - Gold mouth Turbo shell, 10 pcs, etc. 12/10/2013
Thanks for the great international transaction! Sailors Valentine Craft shells Operculum, bluish, 10/16/2013
I have not received any of the boar tusks I ordered. Boar tusk , 1 3/4' - 2 1/4" pc. # 03-02-031008, etc. 09/05/2013
ALL RECEIVED IN GOOD ORDER AND IN GOOD TIME Cancilla Cancilla gloriola # 16719, 010503, etc. 09/03/2013
Always a great international transaction with this valued seller. Thanks! Tiny shells- Pellasimnia improcera, 12 pcs # 02010 09/01/2013
nice shells reasonably priced Seashell Cypraea clandestina extra large, # 12313,, etc. 08/08/2013
Well packed, fast shipping and excellent specimens. Sea star- Nymphaster humilis Schulz & Weitschart 1, etc. 08/06/2013
Always the best shells and quick international shipping. 5-Star Seller. Sailors Valentine Craft shells Pearlized/ Center C 07/30/2013
Great seller who always provides wonderful service! Fast international shipping. Highly recommended Tiny shells- Capulus otohimae, 12 pcs # 020104, etc. 07/12/2013
consistent quality and good service Sailors Valentine Craft shells Operculum, bluish, , etc. 06/28/2013
Always a pleasure to do business with Gems Under The Sea!! Great Sellers! An asset to e-Crater!! Craft shells - Haliotis glabra, 1 oz # 021003, etc. 06/23/2013
Perfecto, como siempre. Gracias Evelyn. Cut shells - Atys cylindricus, 25 pcs # 01-020608, etc. 06/17/2013
I got my shipment. Thank you. Its nice to have a business with you. Cut shells - Cypraea moneta, 1 oz, # 07-020503, etc. 06/09/2013
Always a pleasure to purchase from this seller. Shells are always nice as listed. Fast shipping! Craft shells -Siliquaria anguina, 2 pcs # 020811, etc. 06/06/2013
Very positive again, next order is already underway - thanks! Tiny shells - Cypraea walkeri, 6 pcs # 020509, etc. 05/27/2013
como siempre todo perfecto Craftshells - Tiny Volvarina philippinarum pearliz, etc. 05/14/2013
todo bien, Cut shells - Cypraea annulus, 1 lb, # 03-020504, etc. 04/08/2013
Thanks Sailors Valentine Craft shells Operculum Lambis ch, etc. 03/24/2013
Great shells, Thanks Sailors Valentine Craft shells Operculum, 1/2 oz, , etc. 03/24/2013
Excellent condition and fast shipping Seashell Cypraea nucleus Linnaeus, 1758 # 40126, 0, etc. 03/19/2013
Todo correcto, un placer trabajar con ustedes Sailors Valentine Craft shells Nerita plicata Oper, etc. 03/11/2013
Everything very good, as all the previous times! Craft shells - Vexillum subdivisum, 12 pcs # 02030, etc. 02/19/2013
Excellent I hope they arrive soon, going to order loads more if I am happy. Thankyou Sea urchin spine - Prionocidaris baculosa, 25 pcs , etc. 02/13/2013
trying to reach you to add more 020105 dyed volvarina phillepparum to my order Sailors Valentines- Craftshells- Cypraea caputserp, etc. 02/05/2013
excellent product and very good to deal with. i will do it again in the future Seashell Laevichlamys andamanica Preston, 1908 # 3, etc. 01/21/2013
muy contenta por el servicio,posiblemente hare pedidos mensuales, gracias Cut shells- Assorted Pearlized Conus 1 oz, # 01-02, etc. 01/07/2013
Very cool thanks Seashell Spondylus foliaceus Schreibers, 1793, # 4 12/24/2012
un placer trabajar con ustedes Cut shells- Assorted Pearlized Conus 1 oz, # 01-02, etc. 12/05/2012
Thanks a lot: Fine shells, well packed, good communication - our third order won't be the last one! Craft shells - Cymatium comptum, 12 pcs, etc. 11/19/2012
beautiful shells, just as descripbed Sailors Valentine Cut shells Mitra mitra 1 oz, # 2, etc. 11/05/2012
Beautiful shells as listed, fast international shipping, very pleased, will purchase here again! Tiny shells- Aclyvolva lanceolata, 12 pcs # 21125 10/09/2012
Nice shells, fast international shipping, great communication. Very pleased with this whole transact Tiny shells- Crenavolva traillii, 12 pcs # 21126, etc. 10/08/2012
Absolutely gorgeous gem quality shell. I will be back! Seashell Babelomurex fruticosus Kosuge, 1979, # 39, etc. 10/08/2012
Always a pleasure to do business with!! Thanks again! 5-Star seller! Sailors Valentine Craft shells Tiny Operculum, 1 o, etc. 09/30/2012
ALL VERY NICE Cut shells- Assorted Pearlized Conus 1 oz, # 25945, etc. 09/28/2012
Carefully packed, arrived quite quickly. Would be happy to purchase specimens again! Rare Sea urchin spine, 17.5 mm, # 39639, 030907, etc. 09/17/2012
Excellent service and product is as advertised. I will certainly order again. Seashell Meiocardia vulgaris Reeve, 1845, # 39297, etc. 08/30/2012
Very fast response to my question! Seashell Chicoreus aculeatus Lamarck, 1822, # 3981 08/22/2012
This seller is very prompt and pays attention to detail. The free shiping was a HUGE bonus!! 5-star! Sailors Valentine Tiny Starfish, 150 pcs # 23167, etc. 08/21/2012
wonderful, will definitely shop again :-) Sea Urchin spine, 5 grams, #28125-1, etc. 07/31/2012
Great transaction! Thanks! Sailors Valentine Craft shells Operculum, 1 oz, # , etc. 06/06/2012
Great transaction! Thanks! Sea urchin spine, 1 oz, # 28107, etc. 06/06/2012