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Can not rate this high enough. Excellent quality products and communication. Customer for life! fem 58, etc. 12/03/2018
Fantastic seller. Shipped fast. Great communication. Great quality items. Thanks again. NC192, etc. 11/15/2018
head arrived and the left eye was totally scratched up to the point of being unpaintable. nor happy. Amazonian Princess 2 11/04/2018
Vendor was amazing about resolving problems with a faulty product. Very professional Articulated gloved hands`, etc. 10/15/2018
Always a great interaction with Dennis, great communication and high quality work! Bowler hat 2.0, etc. 10/01/2018
Flawless transaction - A+++ MC111, etc. 09/12/2018
Easy to use website with great prices SW helmet 4, etc. 09/03/2018
My order shipped super quickly and came in the condition advertised. Thanks! MRPSH Crazies 7 piece set of heads 08/31/2018
Excellent product, exceeding my expectations & quick replys to questions, I can't recommend enough. Tactical Vest #6, etc. 08/02/2018
Good quality cast items. Demon Blade XL, etc. 08/02/2018
2 months later. Still have not received the item

Seller's reply: Sorry, not sure how I missed this order, but it'll be out by the end of this week.
NC24 06/22/2018
awesome. thank you! Fem89 06/02/2018
Still waiting for my order

Seller's reply: As was posted on Face Book 2-18-18 the February orders will be out in April
Snake Anvil, etc. 04/06/2018
Everything is in great condition, as usual. Thanks again. Time Jockey's belt, etc. 04/02/2018
Everything is in great condition. Thank you. Space boots, etc. 04/01/2018
Great transaction looking forward to future purchases. green baby 03/23/2018
It's been 6 weeks and have not heard a word on my order andthe sitewashard to navigate I got screwed

Seller's reply: As I posted on my Facebook the February order will be going out in April. I'm sorry for the delay.
Female Star Soldier TWO PACK, etc. 03/16/2018
You are a gift to the 3 3/4 inch customizer community .... please keep up the good work! MC28 head&hands, etc. 02/20/2018
rapid delivery, good communication throughout the process chainsaw 02/09/2018
I’m still waiting on my order I never received it.

Seller's reply: I apologize that I am currently behind, however your order will be out very soon.
Baron Steel Plasma kit, etc. 02/06/2018
Thank you. Ram skull staff, etc. 12/25/2017
awesome!! thank you again!! ☺ Dragon Skull Armor 11/14/2017
Very efficient. Pleased with the product. Wolf head bastard sword, etc. 11/12/2017
It was a great experience. My order was exactly what I wanted. MC58 11/04/2017
Received items in very short time. Good quality; a little "flash" around one of the heads. NC189, etc. 11/02/2017
Excellent so far, fast reply to emails. Easy checkout!Todd - TeXas T Customs casual friday, etc. 10/20/2017
impeccable NC312, etc. 10/11/2017
Shipping delays and lack of volunteered updates were disappointing. Product looks good. Female torso 6 09/14/2017
100% communication, took a little extra than 4-6 weeks but still I'm pleased with the products AC68, etc. 08/08/2017
Well described/received. Quickly shipped. Thumbs up. chainsaw, etc. 07/28/2017
Easy to use, first time user so hopefully i shouldn't have any issues Werewolf Cap kit, etc. 07/24/2017
Transaction as great, as usual. Items are in good condition and ready for use. RL5, etc. 07/03/2017
Excellent items and transaction. left & right holsters, etc. 07/02/2017
Very fast service and delivery and excellent products!! Very easy to communicate with!! MC64, etc. 06/28/2017
Awesome item, super fast delivery, pleasure doing business with good people like this, A+++++ NC146 05/11/2017
Still haven't received my order? closed metal wings, etc. 04/24/2017
Very awesome accessory pieces! Flame plume 04/23/2017
Great items. The details are awesome. Very nice. Thanks! Male torso 3, etc. 04/21/2017
Great condition. I especially like the packaging. You saved me a trip to the Post office. Thanks! AC58, etc. 04/21/2017
As always very happy with items and quality they were made in. Long time customer and will continue. MC95, etc. 03/28/2017
Good condition. I am happy with the items. Walados set of 4, etc. 03/22/2017
items are always top quality, shipped quickly and well packed. I recommend these casts to everyone! IG shoulder armor x2, etc. 03/11/2017
You've got the best custom head sculpts.Thank you! Fem83, etc. 03/05/2017
Quick and seemless Female Star Soldier TWO PACK 03/01/2017
I have ordered for vortous several times always high quality custom made items. Will order again. TR8R gear, etc. 02/08/2017
Ordering on vortious customs was easy Cosmic Knight 02/05/2017
Very fast delivery, and the item improved the figure 10 fold. Ladies "Celebration" White trench coat 01/29/2017
! Bird King 01/20/2017
Fast delivery thanks MC114, etc. 12/30/2016
Store runner was helpful and quick to answer my questions Build a female figure, etc. 12/14/2016
Easy set up of payment. Headband/blind fold, etc. 12/02/2016
Arrived quickly and in great condition. What I was looking for. Thanks left & right holsters, etc. 11/25/2016
Great Seller , Super Cool Product !! Safari hat, etc. 11/17/2016
Great Quality Product ! AC 27, etc. 10/15/2016
Good communication. Great seller. Closed trench coat vest, etc. 09/30/2016
No issues Fem107, etc. 09/29/2016
Fast with my delivery this time. Awesome selection. Will buy more soon. NC190, etc. 09/12/2016
Great quality products at great prices!! 4 flesh color heads, etc. 09/06/2016
Nice seller. I would buy again and again. fem 23 08/09/2016
Great quality items! Fem107, etc. 08/09/2016
Items received! Seller responded to all inquiries in a timely manner and even included a spare head! AC37, etc. 07/13/2016
easy buy NC290, etc. 07/11/2016
Really smooth transaction, and it was great to see the postage cost before I got to checkout! Demon Skull 1, etc. 07/11/2016
All items arrived in great condition. Can't wait to order more merchandise. Thank you! Stellar King gear set, etc. 05/21/2016
thx so much, appreciate the work and received in a very good timely matter feather wings 04/19/2016
Awesome! Please make sure this order comes with the last order made on February 23 2016. Thanks DV2, etc. 04/04/2016
Always great! Worth the wait! Web Gear 3, etc. 04/01/2016
Still havent received the order. Energy blade blades 4pk, etc. 03/19/2016
Great product and seller! Fem 84, etc. 03/06/2016
Awesome. Thanks MC121, etc. 02/24/2016
Looks great. Thanks Chest armor 3, etc. 02/15/2016
I'm still waiting on this order. The site is super difficult to navigate. When will I receive this? Magic effects, etc. 02/11/2016
Ordered from Vortous several times before, always great makes great quality custom parts. Serpent King Helm 2, etc. 12/11/2015
order process was fast, easy and efficient. The site is easy to navigate. Top products as well Fem 91, etc. 12/01/2015
Great Seller! Red Guard, etc. 11/02/2015
Great stuff, Great work again well worth the wait. X-button circle 10/19/2015
Fantastic MC117, etc. 10/05/2015
All of the items were in great condition. I'll do more business with you very soon. Female arms 2.0, etc. 09/15/2015
great item...great seller.... 4 flesh color heads 09/06/2015
Perfect item & fast transaction. I hope we can deal again soon. collared cape 09/03/2015
Great Seller! Fast shipping! thank you very much !!!!!!!!!! Male torso 1, etc. 09/01/2015
I have not received the 1:12 scale assault rifles yet, I am still waiting on them. Assault rifles 1:12 08/26/2015
great seller, high quality products Build a female figure, etc. 08/23/2015
another good transaction, the items were what I expected, Appreciate it Tattered cape, etc. 07/31/2015
Looks great as always. Thank you. MC36 07/22/2015
Attentive, diligent and prompt to help. NC206, etc. 07/11/2015
Can't wait to see it MC32 06/09/2015
great item..great seller.. MC107, etc. 06/01/2015
Great stuff! horned helmet, etc. 05/30/2015
As usual, a quality product at a decent price. I will continue to shop here AND recommend to others. MC81 05/16/2015
Great Seller Excellent Communition 1:12 Satellite's shoulder pads 05/09/2015
Love the products NC113, etc. 05/08/2015
Dennis is the best! NC124, etc. 05/01/2015
Great communication and products!!! left & right holsters, etc. 04/18/2015
Threw in a bunch of extras! Great value Anniversary Special 04/13/2015
awsome casting site. Anniversary Special 04/05/2015
Great products and communication. Fem 72, etc. 04/04/2015
last order I got was great. Quality stuff. Liked it so much I ordered more. Flaming Skull Attack, etc. 03/29/2015
Great seller, crafts high quality custom parts Valentines' Day special kits 03/23/2015
FANTASTIC......Will always buy!!!! Dark Sting Ray kit, etc. 03/18/2015
Great product and great communication! collared cape, etc. 03/10/2015
Excellent product! fem 57, etc. 03/03/2015
Great product! Double Barrel shot gun, etc. 03/03/2015
super great products & services.. NC 71 02/22/2015
Great as usual feather wings, etc. 02/11/2015
Product was as orderd Head set comm 2, etc. 01/20/2015
awesome sculpts...... Big Boss kit, etc. 01/13/2015
Items came out good and customer service excellent. Will do business with again. MC66, etc. 01/13/2015
Great products Build a female figure, etc. 01/07/2015
Awesome. briefcase, etc. 01/06/2015
Super easy and affordable prices! Looking forward to ordering again! MC91, etc. 12/26/2014
Thanks for everything. Got the torso, looked great. Happy Holidays! laptop, etc. 12/21/2014
Awesome job as always. Very informative. Straps, etc. 12/19/2014
Great products. Love the weapons. A+++ transaction. Small arms pack, etc. 12/18/2014
Top-notch stuff, I'll be back! Thank you Dennis, Cheers! 3 pc tool set, etc. 12/16/2014
Wonderful, quality items! One of the best custom parts dealers around! Army Builder, etc. 12/13/2014
Excellent service as always! articulated wrist hands, etc. 12/13/2014
Great customs, insane quality. One of the best. Highly recommended. Female torso 25, etc. 12/06/2014
Great customs, insane quality. One of the best. Highly recommended. Fem 47, etc. 12/06/2014
Great customs, insane quality. One of the best. Female torso 26, etc. 12/06/2014
Still have not received any order yet. Still waiting. NC49 12/03/2014
Great items! A target shipping date from the point of purchase would be nice... MC41, etc. 11/29/2014
Items received were just what I needed. Quality is good and was notified when it was sent. Thanks :) Sarg's accessories 11/22/2014
Haven't got it yet. Male Torso 14 11/16/2014
A great seller with a great selection and good quality. Would recommend! Flying rodent man accessories set, etc. 11/13/2014
Awesome parts. Very high quality! Cyber Skull Samurai, etc. 11/08/2014
brilliant items , well packed , despatched well inside expected time , very happy with this seller. Sarg kit 11/08/2014
Love this store! A great variety of parts. Each order I have placed has never been wrong. Thwip! hands, etc. 11/07/2014
Open and honest transaction. Parts received in a timely manner. This is great stuff. feather wings, etc. 11/07/2014
I canceled the order for now due to moving and not able to have the order sent. Male torso 3, etc. 10/30/2014
as always - perfect experience with great pieces- shipped fast and well packed Parasite 2, etc. 10/27/2014
Thank you very much for my order, outstanding service as usual. Will be making another order soon. Evil Skull's hat, etc. 10/27/2014
Thanks Vortious, good communication and good quality. Snake helmet, etc. 10/22/2014
Great item! AC12 10/20/2014
Great castings! The extra baby Dragon was a good bonus that I had fun putting together. "mini" gun, etc. 10/20/2014
Great catalog and easy to purchase from! Tin Man A F Col friend, etc. 10/17/2014
Thanks much, man! Robotic right hand, etc. 10/15/2014
Thanks! Looks good! Bomber Jacket Black, etc. 10/15/2014
Thank you! Military legs 2, etc. 10/15/2014
Another great purchase from a great seller/caster. Totally happy and will buy from again, thx. articulated wrist hands, etc. 10/07/2014
Very awesome as always. Would buy again! Thank you! glasses, etc. 10/03/2014
Yes, it's a great casting. Requires a little cleanup, but great parts. Ladies brown jacket, etc. 09/19/2014
Received everything in a reasonable time NC 61, etc. 09/12/2014
Nice items. Would buy again. Thank you. Bowler hat 2.0, etc. 09/09/2014
Fast shipping, great quality Techno chest armor, etc. 09/07/2014
Couldn't have asked for a better transaction. Lightning effect for weapons, etc. 09/06/2014
Quality stuff as always! Thanks! NC 60, etc. 09/05/2014
Fast shipping. great deal Super Invader kit 09/05/2014
Very fast shipping and high quality products Female torso 25, etc. 09/02/2014
Seller really goes above and beyond with special orders. AC 31, etc. 09/01/2014
a great customer service from this seller the items are very well done too.Recommended. female arms, etc. 08/30/2014
Excellent customer service, fast delivery and well packed.a real pleasure Bomber Jacket Brown, etc. 08/30/2014
5 stars! Deserving of recognition! Always sends product's and in a timely manner. laptop, etc. 08/27/2014
Excellent product! Male Torso 11, etc. 08/27/2014
top rated seller 10 pouches 08/26/2014
Great first transaction with this seller. Just placed my second order so I must have been pleased! Female torso 21, etc. 08/23/2014
Excellent in every way! Fem 42, etc. 08/23/2014
Great Items , fast shipping. 5 Stars. The Dark One, etc. 08/22/2014
Top notch caster & seller, great parts & fast shipping!!! IJ to Joe hip style upgrade, etc. 08/22/2014
Perfection!! Great company, great transaction!! Sight 08/22/2014
Great seller will be using again. Fem 37, etc. 08/20/2014
Vortius is awesome! Great products and great customer service! AC25, etc. 08/19/2014
Terrific service as always! Utility belt, etc. 08/17/2014
Very fast shipping. Delivers high quality product as usual. Highly recommended. Build a female figure, etc. 08/15/2014
As always it was a pleasure. AC 29, etc. 08/11/2014
Everything was as ordered he even threw in a couple extras. Fem 36, etc. 08/11/2014
One word " FANTASTIC" Old Buzzard kit, etc. 07/30/2014
All items delivered + surprise bonus gift items. Good service. Shipping cost a bit too high. AC15 White, etc. 07/19/2014
Great service as always! military baret, etc. 07/15/2014
Awesome seller. Great communication and very high quality products. One of the best sellers!! Build a female figure, etc. 06/26/2014
AWESOME!! great customer service, great product detail, will do business again! Female torso 17, etc. 06/26/2014
Came fast ... "That's what she said". Lol, but really good work, would buy from again. Burned face, etc. 06/22/2014
He his a customizers God!! parts came fast and well detailed casual friday 06/22/2014
Awesome!! The molds are clean and product detail is crisp. Would buy from again fedora, etc. 06/22/2014
thank you so much for everything... they were great female spell casting hands, etc. 06/20/2014
awesome seller, great service, great merchandise, great price! what else is there to say :)) undead hands 06/18/2014
great items; will order from again bare female feet, etc. 05/20/2014
Great items. Thanks again. Secret Agent Strongman, etc. 05/17/2014
Received in great condition. Thank you for a pleasant transaction T bar 5 pack 05/13/2014
Great customer service! responded quickly to email regarding order, shipped very quickly! thanks! suit w/ tie 05/10/2014
Great site. Best of its kind. I wouldn't shop anywhere else for custom heads. Fur Ball head, etc. 05/09/2014
Fast service, great products. A+++++ One Eye's bro's variant head, etc. 04/25/2014
awesome seller and items Microscope, etc. 04/24/2014
Great custom parts and accessories as always. VERY happy with the end products and communication. Lightning Strike kit, etc. 04/24/2014
Awesome Custom made products. Returning customer. HB kit, etc. 04/23/2014
Great seller- very customer service oriented! Bee Keeper Soldier, etc. 04/23/2014
The store for vortiouscustomaccessories is easy to navigate and purchase from. Parasite 2, etc. 04/21/2014
Great item. Smooth and hi-res cast. I'll be back. fem 21 04/16/2014
Item(s) were shipped quickly and in fantastic shape. Thanks! Fur Ball head, etc. 04/12/2014
A fast & serious transaction : perfect ! I hope we can deal again soon ! Bee Keeper Soldier 04/07/2014
Fantastic product! Top notch cast. Would definitely do business again! Sarg kit 03/31/2014
Vortious rocks! Great products and will definitely purchase from, again! A+++ seller. Mad Scientist, etc. 03/31/2014
Fast shipping, great quality Chest armor, etc. 03/30/2014
You guys are great, have plenty of options, and fast on delivery. Men's Left ring bearer hand, etc. 03/28/2014
Great seller! rope sash, etc. 03/23/2014
Thsnks Sarg's accessories, etc. 03/23/2014
As always, a box full of happiness. Great products! Female torso 12, etc. 03/21/2014
Great quality product grasping female hands, etc. 03/17/2014
Quality casts thank you Large joe arms, etc. 03/08/2014
Yet ANOTHER kick-ass piece!! SWEET!!! Parasite 1 03/01/2014
As always, the highest of quality. I'll be placing another order very soon. Best in the business!!! One Eye's bro's variant head, etc. 02/28/2014
Great as always. bare female feet, etc. 02/22/2014
Great seller and one of the best sellers of custom products bare female feet, etc. 02/18/2014
Items are better quality than I saw in the past I plan on ordering again. Utility belt, etc. 02/16/2014
Excellent product that arrived in a very quick fashion. I am very impressed and will buy here again. Fem 27, etc. 02/08/2014
Great to deal with. Thanks! Microscope, etc. 02/06/2014
Received quickly quiver, etc. 02/06/2014
A perfect transaction : fast & serious. I hope we can deal again soon ! feather wings 02/06/2014
As always, everything is great. Thank you! X-belt, etc. 02/05/2014
Always a pleasure. I always get what I need. Wild Card, etc. 02/02/2014
Great!! Can't wait to order from again. MC Bug guy 01/28/2014
Fast Shippng, great prices. High quality products fem 5, etc. 01/28/2014
Usual excellent service from Vortious with quick UK delivery . My preferred source for custom parts. Ultimate robot, etc. 01/19/2014
Great seller as always fingerless glove hands, etc. 01/17/2014
Thanks for casting in the color I requested. Another great transaction. fishing hat 01/16/2014
Quick turaround time and good products! glove, and boot cuffs set, etc. 01/13/2014
Doesn't get any better than this!!! Thinking cap, etc. 01/04/2014
As always...AWESOME!!!! MC Bug guy, etc. 01/04/2014
Great item! Well made, came within a reasonable time frame. General/ Admiral hat 01/02/2014
Great quality. I will definitely be doing business with vortiouscustomaccessories again! gun belt 4, etc. 12/31/2013
Excellent product. I really like this quite a bit. It has a nice weight to it and looks good. 1:18 scale HoA 12/30/2013
Fast shipping, great quality Thinking cap, etc. 12/20/2013
Very nice transaction, fast & serious ! I hope we can deal again soon ! Fin head 2 12/13/2013
As always, great product; securely packed; fast shipment. Excellent transaction. Thank you. MC Bug guy, etc. 12/08/2013
Great items, easy site navigation, easy check out process. Demon Blade XL 12/04/2013
Fast shipping, good product. feather wings, etc. 12/02/2013
Excellent person to talk to. Went above and beyond to help me and made my wait worth it! A++5*'s! Master Fu Manchu, etc. 12/02/2013
Great to do business with! Sarg, etc. 12/01/2013
Thank you for the great service and taking requests for color schemes. A++++ Custom F14 H.U.D. 12/01/2013
Took three weeks to arrive. military baret 11/26/2013
Vortius is the man! Great stuff! Green Twister set, etc. 11/20/2013
it all came. thanks Thinking cap, etc. 10/26/2013
Great service as always, Thanks again Pineapple head, etc. 10/16/2013
GREAT SELLER!!!! Hot Pipe, etc. 10/13/2013
Good stuff always a pleasure. MC Bug guy, etc. 10/10/2013
Great casts and really good communication. Thanks again. Mens Brown Trench coat set, etc. 10/10/2013
Great quality of work, smooth transaction military baret, etc. 10/10/2013
Great service and great products...exactly what I was hoping for... "S"man, etc. 10/09/2013
Have had excellent transactions with this Seller. Delivery to UK is quick and I will order again. Sight 09/11/2013
All good, arrived safe and sound. The only improvement would be if they let you know when shipped. Tin Man Lift off effect 09/09/2013
Good communication. Everything arrived as expected. One Eye's bro's variant head, etc. 09/09/2013
Good stuff, Thanks War god kit, etc. 09/06/2013
Really GOOD cast parts BUT it took 2 MONTHS!!!! shame, but everything else is good, gonna buy more.. War god head, and helmet, etc. 09/01/2013
A fast & serious transaction : perfect ! I hope we can deal again soon ! Pineapple head 08/26/2013
Good stuff for my customs thank you. Death AA set, etc. 08/16/2013
Just got my parts and am pretty happy with them. Some damage to one part but won't be a problem. large trench coat, etc. 08/12/2013
Top seller spiked mace, etc. 08/08/2013
Laptop was the wrong color, but everything else was fan-freakin-tastic! Thanks ever so much! Utility belt, etc. 08/07/2013
Website easy to navigate, product descriptions well detailed, friendly, fast processing. Many thanks Cat guy, etc. 08/03/2013
Nice parts but very delicate and not for a beginner. Very happy with the products I ordered! War god kit, etc. 07/29/2013
Great experience buying here! great stuff 4 cusoms and seller was helpful with my order! buy here! closed metal wings, etc. 07/19/2013
Mail sent to inform of the shipping, all items received, delays respected. Bomber Jacket Black, etc. 07/01/2013
Great stuff Secret Agent Strongman, etc. 06/29/2013
Awesome cast in black figure kits. Easy to assemble. Will be back. fedora, etc. 06/19/2013
Excellent service, received everything I ordered and he sent a notice when the parts were shipped. Secret Agent kit, etc. 04/03/2013
Quality product and delivered quickly to UK. Seller is very responsive and a pleasure to deal with. vampire hunter's kit, etc. 04/03/2013
Good items, would purchase from again. casual friday 03/20/2013
Awesome items very happy, sreally fast shipping. Very Content overall! Awesome store Death AA set 03/17/2013
Fantastic items, fast delivery, will buy more soon! Top seller Sight, etc. 03/03/2013
Received exactly as shown in the time frame I was given. Thank you A+ suit w/ tie 03/03/2013
Got them fast! serpent chest plate white, etc. 03/03/2013
Got them fast! feather wings 03/03/2013
Fantastic! I couldn't be happier. fem 4, etc. 03/01/2013
Affordable and nicely casted figure kit, fast shipping, good communication. Thanks! General 03/01/2013
Great items and a great seller. Will buy from again. Thanks again Rodimus. Hero Killer kit, etc. 02/28/2013
Awesome service and products as usual! The best customizer in the biz! ladies short gloves black, etc. 02/21/2013
Item shipped fast and was fairly priced, however, there were numerous issues with the cast quality. Fin head 2 02/19/2013
Smooth sailing!! A++++ Lightning 4 pack, etc. 02/18/2013
Great stuff. fem 7, etc. 02/08/2013
Items arrived in under 3 weeks, good quality items, everything as described. Would order from again! Capt. Chris, etc. 01/29/2013
Nice custom parts at a good price! Received fairly quickly, too! Petey, etc. 01/19/2013
I would def buy from again. evil skull head kit COMIC 01/16/2013
Great custom pieces; AWESOME customer service; super production and shipping. Order with confidence. One Eye's bro's variant head, etc. 01/15/2013
1st time ordering. Fast shipping. Quality item. Great price. Would recommend. A+++++ fem 7 01/15/2013
great item..friendly seller..10stars.. casual friday 01/11/2013
excellent ladies short gloves white, etc. 12/25/2012
great qulaity - quick delivery fem 12, etc. 12/19/2012
Very nice pieces. Came very fast! Will buy again! closed metal wings, etc. 12/18/2012
Easy to deal with! Fast delivery! Highly recommended! A+++++++++ flaming wheel motorcycle orange, etc. 12/17/2012
Awesome as always! Clear patriotic shield, etc. 12/16/2012
Very nice items, reasonable prices, fast shipping... Will not hesitate to buy from again! Capt. Chris, etc. 12/12/2012
Fabulous work, and outstanding customer service! gun belt 1, etc. 11/30/2012
great stuff my guy Mens black trench coat, etc. 11/28/2012
Arrived fast as described! Thanks! Mens Brown Trench coat 11/27/2012
Thanks! Ladies "Celebration" White trench coat, etc. 10/30/2012
A fast and serious transaction. I hope we can deal again soon ! Magnetic Master Red 10/16/2012
Awesome transaction, Highly recommend this seller! Wonderful casts and artwork! Cybernetic Titan, etc. 10/01/2012
A very fats and serious transaction. I hope we can deal again soon ! One Eye's bro's variant head 09/24/2012
great product thanx One Eye's bro's variant head, etc. 09/22/2012
fast shipping and great product. will definitely be coming back for more fiery flame fist, etc. 09/16/2012
quick service - great product - can't ask for any more than that. A+++ Final Battle pack, etc. 09/15/2012
one awesome dude!!!! thanks bro! Mens White Trench coat 08/25/2012
Great product, fast shipping, & friendly and responsive service. Can't wait to order again. Blue well wisher, etc. 08/14/2012
Fast shipping, thanks! Clear patriotic shield 08/06/2012
Very happy with my purchase One Eye's bro's variant head 07/12/2012
Fast postage and delivery, very good communication. Excellent quality. Top seller. Many thanks! fem V2 07/02/2012
fast shipping. ordered 2 jackets 1 had a hole and broke Ladies white jacket 07/01/2012
shipping time was good and the head quality was nice Cybernetic Titan, etc. 06/05/2012
great One Eye's bro's variant head 05/26/2012
Love it. Cybernetic Titan, etc. 05/22/2012
Great stuff. Beautiful Hero Killer kit, etc. 05/19/2012
Everything went pretty smoothly One Eye's bro's variant head 05/14/2012
Great seller White small Trench coat set, etc. 05/05/2012
Great merchant, great items, super fast shipping, highly recommend! Minotaur, etc. 04/30/2012
Thanks fast shipping, great product. White small Trench coat set, etc. 03/30/2012